Good Health Habbits In The Workplace

It’s a tough call- do I go to work feeling under the weather because I have no sick pay and need the money (thinking only of my personal needs), or should I stay home until the condition passes, thinking more about keeping my co-workers safe or the company as a whole, rather than my pocketbook. In general, our collective choices we make during the day are completely selfish and self serving (mine included of course) from health on down the line. Can you reflect on how the world might be for just a day, if everyone acted on behalf of the group first, and as an individual second? Yes, it would be significantly different!

Now, back to staying well in the work place. Jimmie and I both carry on us- at all times- a small magnet and a series of paper doctor patterns. I have found this a very compact way to carry a variety of solutions to things that could come up, while you are out there earning bread:                                              chem

chem trails in the sky on your way to work– when you see them immediately touch environmental toxicity

co-worker sneezes in your face– touch cold preventative and stimulate your healing

you trip walking to copy machine in your mile high heels, and turnheels your ankle– touch first aidphysical injury and stimulate your healing

you feel tired, start to yawn, and wonder how you will finish your shift– touch energy boost

you start to stress about the contracts, the deadlines, the call backs– touch business pressure

This system is so easy to use, and as effective as any other I use. Many of the patterns are actually homeopathic remedies- just a different delivery method. Insert pattern into magnet device (like a refrigerator magnet that has a plastic holder for a photo) or just place the pattern on top of a magnet and touch the dot inside the pattern with your index finger, for 2 minutes.  You can repeat a pattern in 10 minutes if the desired effect is not achieved.

Go ahead and touch while driving in your car, on  the Metro, or just touch at work while sitting at your desk. No one ever notices- they don’t recognize it therefore they don’t see it!

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