Great Topics For Discussion

Here are some great topics for discussion that I hope will answer the questions you have.

planetWhat are the characteristics of the planetary hours?– here is a great website that will tell you all you need to know about the subject.

saltWhat is the antidote for lachesis? Arsenicum album, Mercurius, Heat,
Alcohol, Salt.

sai forgiveCan you recommend a good homoeopathic remedy for lust anger and greed ? without doing your case (or in my case, dowsing) , I could not make a recommendation because it is not just an acute condition like a cold or flu or sprain where I could make a generic pick. It is a chronic condition which requires either having your case done, or dowsing for the correct remedy. Sai Sanjeevini has prayer patterns for just those very traits and this is where I would go to try to overcome them. May I suggest making a mega remedy to include the following patterns; dharma (right conduct), honesty, prema (love),sathya (truth), gratitude, greet, lust, control of senses, whole body, non-violence, and forgiveness. Make your master remedy ( I use sugar pellets in an small amber bottle), and then you can either broadcast to yourself, or charge your morning coffee, or whatever, with the power of prayer. Although high blood pressure runs in my family  (father, mother, sister, grandma), Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns have helped  regulate my blood pressure to a cool 111 over 82- the blood pressure of a 30 year old!

cell saltsWhich cell salts work for dry eyes?– specifically you can use Sodium chloride and Silica, or feel free to use the 12 salt combo called Bioplasma, which I use, and I never have to worry about which one I need, because I am getting them all. I buy them by the thousands, and dump a handful into the family water cooler every time we put up water.

sickAre there any side effects to occicilium?– none that I have ever heard of or could find when I snooped around the internet.

oilCan oil pulling cause a miscarriage? Never in any of my readings did I read of any significant side effects from oil pulling, much less a miscarriage. The most I ever heard was feeling slightly upset in the stomach if you accidentally swallow it, which you try never to do, as the swish is so toxic. I would not worry. All the literature supports oil pulling both during pregnancy and while nursing!

demntiaeWhat are the benefits from Alumina?– funny enough alumina is used to treat dementia, and an excess of aluminum (from which it is made) can cause dementia. Alumina also can treat sluggishness, indigestion, and alcoholism.

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  1. thependulist
    Jan 08, 2013 @ 01:58:36

    thank you for the referral. He sounds like the dentist of my dreams and I wish I had known him over the last 30 years. maybe I’ll have to fly back east to get my teeth worked on. But seriously, thank you for reading, and it is the enrichment of folks like you that keep me going.