Iatrogenic Nightmares

I have written about Death By Allopathy, talking about the many waysdeath by allopathy iatrogenic conditions (conditions caused by medical examination or treatment) take the lives of millions each year. And you should see the statistics on the 10 year study. OMG. It is all available for you to see for yourself on the Table of Iatrogenic Deaths in the United States, at http://www.ourcivilisation.com/medicine/usamed/deaths.htm

Unnecessary hospitalizations, antibiotic prescriptions, and surgeries, were just a few of the medical nightmares folks by the millions, suffer. But it doesn’t stop there. Check out a whole new list of situations I just read about- they occur every year, every day, every hour;

embryoEmbryo switch- here is how it can happen- you go in for in vetro fertilization. Since the egg is fertilized outside the womb ( in a petrie dish) there is always the human error factor, and the dishes could get mis-marked leading to the wrong sperm being introduced to the wrong egg, or even worse, the wrong embryo being implanted in the wrong mother. I’m not going to call this a ‘common’ occurrence but it happens often enough to be a legitimate risk factor. In the case I read about, a lady carried the wrong egg/sperm set, and the mistake was soon discovered. She had to give the infant up to the correct mother, after it was born. They don’t publish those statics- wonder why?

ER triage bungle- prioritizing urgency of care needed, is an art, and can be easily done improperly. In the case I read about, a child was brought to the ER weak, she could hardly stand, and had a red spot on her cheek. The child declined in front of her parents, as they waited 5 hours for service. It was later determined that she had a flesh eating virus that had gone unchecked for 5 hours, and subsequently had to have her arm amputated.

xraExcess of radiation from CAT scan or xray- sure they say all the new machines are safe- very low radiation. That’s only true if the machine is properly set, or calibrated. If it was set incorrectly, you might turn out like the woman I read about who went in for a routine CAT scan, and had all her hair fall out. It seems the machine was set to 8 times the allowable level of radiation, and the woman (and many other patients) all got radiation poisoning.

Operate on the wrong body part- how could doctors and the operating staff mix up left from right, or front from back? How can they mistakenly give you a eyehysterectomy when you were only having a mole removed? These things happen every day. The case I was reading about featured a boy with a troubled left eye. He came out of surgery with the right eye operated on, and the left eye remained untouched. Law suit!!!!!

Anesthesia awareness- this has too be the worse, by far. When you are anesthetized for surgery, you are given 2 drugs. One to paralyze your body so that you can’t move during the surgery, and the other for actually putting you to sleep. But what can happen is, your brain can wake up during the surgery, if the wrong dose is given, if there is a kink in the hose, or whatever. So now you are awake and feel everything, but you can’t move, or scream, or say “stop.” I cannot even image the pain, the nightmare or such a thing. One in every 1,000 supposedly have this happen. How diabolical. I will never, but never, get surgery, and you canmark my words

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