How To Avoid The Flu

listeningFirst, stop listening to all the news reports about it, least it slip in that way.  I am most serious. Here is a list of many of the other things that myself and my family do, to prevent the dreaded flu;

flu1Influenzium– this homeopathic remedy has long been used as a prophylactic prior to cold and flu season. take a dose of 200c 3 times over 3 weeks in late summer. It is one of the remedies that was under scrutiny by the FDA regarding labeling and being required to change verbiage to minimize the description of it’s potential.

ds84Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns– swine flu combined with truth, love, right conduct, and myriad of other prayers that anyone would want to have answered.  This can be used as a prophylactic by charging up food or water daily, or by broadcasting to yourself and others.

touchPaper Doctor patterns– prevent cold, stimulate your healing, and environmental stress are all patterns that should be readily at hand (pardon the pun). I keep a mini set in my purse and never leave home without it.

hospital1Don’t go to the hospital– For what? This is where the deadliest  of germs gather including the MRSA virus. Avoid being an iatrogenic statistic and STAY HOME.

washhan dsWash your hands– many feel this is how the Jews escaped plague and disease throughout history, and wipe down your phone and computer keyboard at work.

confidence2Confidence– have faith in what you do to protect your health, even if it may seem non-conventional, and remember, everything comes from Him.

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