Somebody Keeps Asking About Homeopathy

I get many of the same questions over and over, so here are the answers…

miscarraigeWill sabina cause a miscarriage? No I don’t think so. On the contrary, women who suffer recurrent miscarriages are prescribed Sabina 6c and women who have had a miscarriage before 12 weeks are also administered Sabina 6c.
travelarnica for travel-  Arnica is widely used to treat exhaustion from travel, in fact, Arnica montana is undoubtedly the most popular and commonly used single homeopathic remedy in the world.
soup in cartonare paper cartons with soups dangerous- no they replace the dangerous metal cans. Progresso lines its soup cans with bisphenol A, or BPA. Scientists have long warned of BPA’s link to cancer, but a new study has found that it’s related to obesity and diabetes as well. I buy only soup in cartons now- it’s safe and it’s green.

dead toothhypericum to heal dead tooth- The fact is that teeth can and do heal, whether conventional dentists choose to acknowledge this or not. (I wish I had known this before having 4 root canals) Hypericum repairs nerve damage and of course there is never any guarantee, but I would definitely try it along with Arnica to heal an ill tooth. Never, but never, get a root canal least you open up a life time toxic wasteland  in your mouth, which is the seat of your health. (Read my blogs on dentistry)
dreamstaphysagria loose teeth- Staphysagria is a remedy that acts on teeth and is used for pain and decay as well as spongy gums. It is not only used for people who have teeth that have become loose, but is also a good remedy for someone who even dreams about having loose teeth!

pendulum1albert einstein and dowsing explanation- when I talk about dowsing, I may as well mention some of the most brillant, internationally recognized intellects, artists, and warriors- changers of thinking, society, and mankind, such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Leonardo De Vinci, and General Patton of the US Army. All of these illustrious men used a pendulum.   How does it work?     As I have said before;

Just as radios pick up information from unseen radio waves, the pendulum is a powerful  antenna that receives information from the vibrations and energy waves emitted by people,  electronicplaces, thoughts and things. Just as birds migrate following the earth’s magnetic field, dowsers react to
energies that are unseen and still not fully understood. Some people say that the pendulum creates a bridge between the logical and intuitive parts of the mind. Some say that the pendulum connects them with a higher power and call it “divining” as the information is believed to come from a divine source. Research by many scientists indicates that the pendulum responds to electromagnetic energy that radiates from everything on Earth.

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  1. Alison
    Jan 25, 2013 @ 06:27:44

    I personally am fasinated with dowsing. I was taught by my mother and stepfather about two years ago. It came very naturally to me. It has helped me to tap into my intuition. When you pick up the pendulum you can feel the energy radiating from it and without even moving your hand it begins to dowse and work with your sub conscious to arrive at an answer. I have found that when you are in a calm state of mind its generally always accurate.. Its cool to find out that such influential people in history have used this same modality to help them in their daily lives. Another good article by Madeleine.