Protection Comes In Many Forms

Protection comes in many forms, such as rain coats, insurance policies, flu shots, or perhaps, wearing a Cross or Star of David. But in our family, we use rather unconventional protection, and walk through life unafraid and feeling impenetrable.

sai cancersSai Sanjeevini prayer patterns– I have an amazing mega remedy for every family member which I broadcast 24/7 and also make for myself in a live dose. Each remedy contains both patterns that are specific to the person’s condition, as well swine flu, anthrax  malaria, right conduct, nourishing food, dignified housing, respect for all women, love, and a myriad of others, as a prophylactic for all of us. I charge my water bottle before leaving the house so that I have protection to sip on all day.

touchPaper Doctor patterns– slide the small energy pattern into the plastic magnet device, and touch the dot for 2 minutes. I carry a small zipper bag in my purse with the magnet and about 10-15 patterns for emergencies that might happen while out and about. I can prevent a cold or flu, balance my chakras, or reduce the environmental stress of chem trails, at the touch of a pattern. FYI- be sure to keep your homeopathic remedies away from your magnets or else they will be antidoted.

kit1Mini Homeopathic emergency kit; keep in your purse or glovebox-
arnica- in case of accident or injury, or for travel exhaustion
aconite- sudden onset of cold or flu
arcenicum- stomach upsets for food poisoning
apis- for bug bites, bee stings, or anaphylactic shock
If any of the above situations crop up while out in the world, I am always prepared.

rescueBach flower rescue remedy– this can be used for any shock or trauma. You never know when you or someone around you, might feel the need to take it.




Ruggerio’s Charts- sorry I can’t show you what they look like- you cannot photograph or photocopy these charts which can do everything from providing a protective shield for the subconscious, to eliminating noxious energies, to removing cough, feverish, and viral states. This is one form of protection that is not taken out of the house. The charts stay set up in a lighted area on a special table where they are not bothered.

travelingIf you are traveling also bring along;

a decagon
a Sai Sanjeevini transfer and broadcasting chart, as well as your master remedy sample
your pendulum
a small vial of salt and a black pen
a small crystal glass
your Ruggerio 151 remedy list


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hélène
    Apr 08, 2014 @ 16:24:49

    When I searched the internet I could not find anyting on “Ruggerio 151 remedy list”. Do you know a website with more information about them? Thanks!

  2. Stephanie
    Sep 20, 2016 @ 23:15:44

    I see the link on your site and went to it, but I don’t see anything anywhere about the remedy list or remedy chart. Would you have a more specific web address we could go to?


    • The Pendulist
      Sep 20, 2016 @ 23:41:31

      Look under my resources links and find biolifestyles- this is where you can get the list of 151 remedies i always talk about. but you can go to any website and use any homeopathy remedy list you like. what you want is a numbered list of the most common few hundred homeopathic remedies to select from (by dowsing). Dowse for the number of the remedy that works best for what you need. then match up the number to the remedy on the list. hope this helps you

  3. Stephanie
    Sep 21, 2016 @ 04:01:26

    Actually, I was hoping to see some of his other charts and resources too, which I have seen you mention. But, when I go to that web site, I only see some freebie books, but nothing really for sale except some mentoring services and such.

    Thanks for your feedback otherwise though. Appreciate it.