Healing Charts And Reference Materials

studying1How do I know if I have chosen the right chart to use in a ‘healing’? I have a book of various Ruggerio charts for all manor of things as well as tons of reference material, but which is best to use today, under these particular circumstances? I have been politely reminded to ask my pendulum. But of course!

Dowsing is the necessary ‘pre’ work we do to gather information so that we can intelligently go forward. If Joe has an upset stomach for example, you would begin by asking which healing modality will most benefit Joe’s upset stomach. Jimmie and I made a dowsing chart to use for this question, containing most or all of the natural healing modes I know about and would use. There could also be (and usually is) more that 1 that can be used- ask in order of importance. Using a blank template, simply write in the categories and you have made a custom dowsing chart;blank-dowingthis an example, and the template can be used for anything you want. After finding your best modality, you can dowse within the category to choose the chart or remedy.

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I have been recently reminded about the following, and want to pass on the tips to you:

The more information you have, the better, so be sure to ask your pendulum pertinent questions such as how long to keep a witness on a pattern, is it better to work by day or by night, what potency is best to use, etc.

Point your patterns north– it is advised to get a compass for accuracy. I also dowse facing north.

When sending a remedy to a witness, do many small treatments rather than1 longer one- stop for an hour or 2 in between sessions. This also has been recently recommended to me, whereas before, I opted for the 1 long session.

Blood makes the best witness– hair last (because of treatments and shampoos). Can also use fingernail, saliva, or photo as a witness. When using photos as a witness, it is always better to use the negative, if available.

Store your witness in a small amber bottle away from radiations or electronics, or other witnesses.

Aside from healing and protection, here are some interesting ways some folks use their pendulums;

  • A lady who lives in mountain lion country dowses to see if any mountain lions are in a 1 mile radius, before taking her dogs out for a walk. If so, no walk.
  • When the man’s gas gauge was broken, he asked his pendulum if he had enough gas to get home.
  • Someone dowsed to see if seeds would produce a good crop.

And here is a great testimonial to dowsing…

  • “With 2 dogs and 2 cats, something is bound to happen. Instead of taking them to a vet, I pendulum1dowse to see if they will get well by themselves. This summer one cat was throwing up. It turned out that it wasn’t a fur ball, but he was throwing up from the heat. It was triple digits for over a week. I froze towels and wrapped them around him – that helped. If an animal is dogs catslimping, I find out if it is a sliver in the paw, sprain, strain, piece of glass. I dowse to see if my animals are getting enough protein, because I can hardly afford to feed them meat (although I do when I can), so have to rely on dry dog food for half their meals, which isn’t always as nutritious as what the label says – beware of that. I dowse to see if my animals are happy, sad, or what the heck is going on – because they have emotions just like humans.”

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