Paradigm Shift Regarding Healing

paradigmChanging from one belief system to another, is a paradigm shift. I almost forgot what I used to be like- how I used to think. I have re-defined health and abundance, adopted a new mind and body code, and incorporated gratitude as a part of my daily thoughts.

I see drug addiction and vaccine damaged individuals differently now through study and more understanding. I have been the most affected in the areas of wellness and healing with holistic roots branching out to all the energies of the universe. Dowsing and potentizing are daily functions in our lives, as is broadcasting prayers and remedies.

When you get the blues, you may reach for a mood elevator (prescription) but I take Tom’s Happiness Formula (homeopathic), or touch the Paper Doctor Lifted Spirits pattern.

When you fight with your husband, what do you do next? I usually put either him or me (or both) on Ruggerio’s chart #15 to remove noxious energy, and we usually settle right down but honestly there is so much good healing power in our home, we rarely tif.

How do you feel safe in the flu epidemic? Please don’t say you take Tamiflu! I use a Sai Sanjeevini combination for protection against swine flu- actually my whole family is on a daily prophylactic. And may I suggest the Sai Sanjeevini pattern #177 (poisoning- all kinds) for an upset stomach caused by bad food. It works in about 10 seconds.

I dowse for many things; is this a good day to ask my boss for a raise (I also check planetary days and hours for that, as well), is the tumor on Brandi’s back cancer, what is the number of the remedy that will most benefit my headache, and so forth. Dowsing is merely a way to gather information quickly and accurately, thus helping you make intelligent decisions.

How long do your blueberries last? Mine last weeks, because I balance all my food when I bring it into the house. I ask that it be balanced to be the most beneficial for every human, animal, plant, building, and thing. Little to nothing rots or molds in our frig!

I admit I am a jack of all trades and a master of none. One day it is Bach flower remedies and the next it is astrology, but whatever day it is, it is always non-allopathic. All the modalities I talk about and use, go hand in hand together without any conflict. I can swish in the morning, then take some honey and cinnamon, drink water with cell salts in it all day, and take a homeopathic remedy at night, after getting my chakras balanced, with everything working in harmony. I mix and match as I see fit, or as my pendulum dictates. it's all good

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