Out On A Limb Going Public

out on limbGoing public about using a pendulum, and talking about some of our metaphysical adventures, was going out on a limb for me. After all, it’s not your every day average topic for discussion and one who is  less ‘fringe’ than I, might raise an eyebrow. But knowing that I made a difference in even 1 person’s life is enough for me. To all of you almost 10,000 folks in the 105 countries that searched for information I offered, and found it, I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting  my work and ideas.

Here is what’s on the front burner for the near future;

Hydroponic garden– I am looking into putting together a hydroponic garden producing crops whose growth has been enhanced with crystals and Sai Sanjeevini patterns and other energy signatures.

Paper Doctor Hospital– Whenever I get a spare moment, I plan to organize our Paper Doctor patterns and information into folders with categories for easy use, as I did when setting up the Sai Sanjeevini ‘hospital.’

Emergency Medicine Cabinet– I really need to take a day and potentize about 20 remedies to be used for emergencies such as anaphylactic shock, head or body injuries, food poisoning, or kidney stone attack. We potentize using salt water, crystal glasses, a decagon, and a black pen and white paper, and of course, our good intentions. Then we label the remedies and store them in amber bottles, cured with a drop of vodka. This way we can meet any situation when it comes up.

Sai Sanjeevini world mega– I am putting together a mega remedy which will include (but broadcastcertainly not limited to):  love, right conduct, compassion, respect for all women, dignified housing, nourishing food, and protection. I plan to broadcast it to the world.

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