Dog With Wrong Collar Found

germanAs Jimmie was on the way home from walking Brandi, he saw a beautiful young Shepherd female walking across the street with her master, off leash, as was Brandi. In the city we don’t often see dogs off leash, so Jimmie took notice. The lady called over to Jimmie “Do you know anything about dogs- this one is following me.” With 2 clicks Jimmie called the dog over and she bounded across the street and fell into formation as they walked toward our apartment. A stray with a collar who willingly hooked up with a new pack- obviously lost. We checked the collar and thank the Lord there was a phone number, and there was also the name ‘Vincent’. This is a beautiful German Shepherd girl- what’s up with the name Vincent? We called the number and left a message for the dog’s mommy and by this time I am calling her ‘Classy’. Jimmie continues to call her Vincent but I’m not having any part of it and kept telling him her name wasn’t Vincent.

The dog is pacing and anxious- in constant motion. I have seen this kind of behavior in other strays we have picked up- it seems every lost dog in the neighborhood makes it’s way to our door. I immediately reach for the Aconite 30c, having used it several times in the past to quell an animal’s fear and anxiousness. I dropped some into a water bowl but she would not drink. We wrapped a few pellets of aconite in cheese and she took it. From that point on, the fear and anxiety seemed to melt off and soon the dog was lying quietly on the floor. Now when in doubt as to what remedy to use by all means dowse.  I don’t always have absolute certainty about a remedy choice and since I don’t use a conventional rubric I rely solely on my pendulum, however  this case screamed Aconite to me and I rolled with it.

  • Aconite settled both dog Brandi and cat O’Shay, on a 5 hour car ride to Maryland, prior toblk cat boarding a flight on Continental Airways (known as the safest and best airlines for animals). You can bet each animal sensed something was up because they were both panting and pacing and nervous. The aconite was a life saver- Brandi soon curled up and laid down in the back, and O’Shay fell asleep in my lap. There is more to the story that just this…

Aconite is one of the deadliest and most rapidly acting poisons, yet through Hahnemann’s discoveries it has been transformed into a very useful medicine. Aconite is a short acting remedy. There is hardly any acute disease in which it is not more or less called for and is commonly used to control both pain and fever. Aconite is  used to treat fear of every kind, as in the case of the animal scenarios above.

dog5Knock knock- oh, it’s Classy’s mommy come to pick her up and couldn’t believe her dog’s nice behavior, especially with Brandi. I told her she had been anxious, but calmed down. I mentioned to the lady how great it was that the dog had a collar on. “And that’s not even her collar or her name” said the lady.  Ha-I told you her name isn’t Vincent!

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