The 12 Tissue Salts And More

teethdoes oil pulling straighten teeth? Yes- I am sure mine have straightened up a bit since I’ve been doing it a few months, but know that these things take time- don’t expect an overnight miracle. But do expect to see measurable results over time. My oral health has improved dramatically, all from oil pulling.

What about oil pulling and stuttering?  Oil pulling reaches far, but I searched about this and didn’t come up with any evidence that someone cured his stuttering through oil pulling. I’m guessing that oil pulling covers more of biological conditions rather than psychological. For this condition which I consider to be emotionally driven, I would suggest homeopathy and Bach flower remedies, or Ruggerio’s charts- all of this you can dowse for to select what is best for you, or for whoever you are trying to help.

radionics opiate addiction- you could put a witness of the addicted person on a radionics chart, or make a water by putting in on the chart, to be drunken, to aid in overcoming opiate addiction. First you would have to dowse to see what chart to use, how long to keep them on, what time to start, and so forth. I also highly recommend both homeopathy and Bach flower remedies for addiction, and using a collective group of healing modalities. Dowse to see what remedy will most benefit the person. And lastly, I have used my pendulum to draw the pain of withdrawal symptoms out of my very sick daughter, but sadly, novice that I was, didn’t protect my self properly, and it was I who ended up deathly ill in bed, with her taking care of me!

cell salts12 tissue salts and mrsa– as I reported in my protocol for dealing with the MRSA virus, I have seen articles from folks boasting good results from using Dr. Schuessler’s 12 tissue salts. Regardless of what you may suffer from, or not, the 12 tissue salts are a great enhancement to your wellness program. We dump them by the handful into the water cooler at home.

pendulum remedy for infertility- I think they mean, ‘can I dowse for a remedy for my pendulumsinfertility’, and the answer is YES. Of all the dowsing I do, my remedy picking is spot on, so you can do it too. Honey and cinnamon has been used to correct infertility for thousands of years. Also, stop trying to get pregnant. You heard me right. All too often we see older couples who long ago gave up trying to get pregnant, suddenly becoming parents, although I cannot explain the why of it.

spouse1appreciation for your spouse- interesting search term- at first thought I concluded that there is  no remedy that would help you gain appreciation for your spouse- that sort of has to come within, and perhaps you might try imaging life without him, but then after discussing it with Jimmie, he reminded me that Sai Sanjeevini has many patterns that might be appropriate such as forgiveness, resentment, ego, and honesty.  The person who does not appreciate is the one that needs the work.

je chrghe un antidotr a lachesis- he, or she is looking for an antidote for Lachesis (not sure why), but he can use Arsenicum, Mercurius, heat, alcohol, or salt.salt2

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