The Natural Medicine Cabinet And Healing Closet

For all of you, like me and my family, who do not patronize doctors or hospitals, it is essential to toolboxhave your tool box, or arsenal if you will, filled at all times, to meet all situations, otherwise you will find yourself reluctantly submitting to allopathic ways and means when something that seems urgent comes up that you can’t handle, rationalizing by saying “It’s an emergency,” as if that justifies all things. Part of being prepared is having a resource list of professionals you might contact, who fit within your spectrum. I myself am pretty good at rounding up names/numbers/resources on the fly as I have already a network to pool from, so you can always ask me for hints.  A solid homeopath (often well versed in many forms of natural healing) should always be in the wings, regardless of how good your dowsing skills. Tom chose hydrangea root tincture to dissolve Jimmie’s kidney stone. Although my pendulum earlier confirmed it was a kidney stone attack, and also chose a good homeopathic remedy, it did not point me to the tincture, because I did not know to ask. Other good professionals to have in your circle are a good yoga instructor, reflexologist, and astrologist.

reference materialReference material is a must. You can quickly educate yourself on any matter given you can find the information. We have a library which include books on dowsing and radionics, The Family guide to Homeopathy, my first and favorite book- easy to use and very complete,
The Homeopathic Materia Medica by William Boericke, M.D., a must must must in any library, spiritual books including The  Zohar, and books by the dozen on many related subjects.

We also have the entire paper doctor system, Sai Sanjeevini system, all the homeopathic tones, the flower essence tones, numerology calculator, and planetary hours and moon phases, and patterns galore.
med cabinetAnd here, more specifically, is a list of what’s inside the ideal  medicine cabinet and healing closet…

arnica cream- we use this for everything from cuts to pimples                                                                                                                                                                        

hydrangea root ticture-a must to treat a kidney stone attack

eyebright- herbal eyedrops

tea tree and oregano oil- for antiseptic needs from athletes foot to MRSA

colloidal silver- anti viral for a myriad of uses including HIV and AIDS, Lyme disease, bubonic plague, pneumonia, leprosy, gonorrhea, scarlet fever, shingles, warts malaria, cholera, and stomach ulcers.

vitiman c 1000 mil dose- daily as a prophylactic-, not to mention in mega does it addresses things as big as Hep C, MRSA, and cancer.

raw honey and high grade cinnamon- take a teaspoon twice daily, again addressing myriad of issues including hearing loss, weight control, skin vitality.

cold pressed sesame oil- for daily swishing- a whole system in itself

Bach flower rescue remedy- (it’s not always possible to listen to a tone- what if the grid is down?)

homeopathic kit of 50 common remedies- 30chealing closet

homeopathic kit of 50 common remedies (different mix of remedies)- 200 c

another homeopathic kit-  1m remedies that are  more exotic- we can handle any everything from head trauma to anaphylactic  shock.

plastic sorter by alphabet of misc remedies many different  combinations of all doses

 12 tissues salts– to be dumped into family water supply.  I couldn’t begin to tell you all the benefits of each of the 12- I would be here all day.

Sai Sanjeevin hospital– the whole system printed and organized into 2 notebooks

plastic sorter of Sai Sanjeevini combinations pre-made for quick access

folder of paper doctor patterns- in alphbetical order to avoid frustration when trying to find a pattern.

notebook of charts by Ruggerio (24 cases) and many other charts.  we keep them organized and in plastic sleeves.

dowsing folder with a many different dowsing wheels, lists to dowse from, decagons, etc., all also in plastic sleeves.

other materials we always keep on hand;

amber bottles- for remedy or witness storage

neutral pellets-these are sugar pellets that can be used in making dry remedies

white paper- for writing intentions,  potentizing, making dowsing wheels and decagons

black pens-for writing intentions,  potentizing, making dowsing wheels and decagons

sea salt- add to distilled water for potentizing, also good for cleaning crystals

distilled water- for drinking or remedy making

vodka- for preserving potentized remedies

crystal glasses- vessel for potentizing

magnets (for cleaning the pendulum and for using paper doctor remedies)

plastic sleeves for charts and dowsing wheels

compass– dowse toward the north and place your patterns facing north- always know your NORTHcompass

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