Homeopathy Queries

There is nothing more important than making sure all your health queries are answered;
oscillo_6what is occicilium– Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic medicine  to relieve influenza-like symptoms. It is  popular particularly in France and is made by the French company,  Boiron. The preparation is derived from duck liver and heart, diluted to 200C—a ratio of one part duck offal to 10,400 parts water. This is such a high dilution that the final product contains not a single molecule of the original liver. The molecules leave an “imprint” in the dilution that causes a healing effect on the body. If you are concerned about depleting and killing a lot of ducks for their livers, forget about it.  Just one duck liver can provide Boiron with enough to make a year’s supply or more of billions of doses for the world. You can either purchase it or potentize it (there, nothing died)- suit yourself.

bedbed feels hard– When the bed feels too hard, think ‘Arnica.’ Arnica has to be one of the most widely used homeopathic preparations there is, and one of the conditions it covers is travel exhaustion. When ever you are in doubt as to what to use, by all means dowse, using the 151 remedy list from which you are sure to find a remedy. Read my post about it… http://thependulist.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/when-the-bed-feels-too-hard-think-arnica/

needleAIDS  in US caused by hepatitis b vaccine– That’s what I heard and read too, and I believe it.  The government, military, and big business all
have their own experiments going on, and this was one of them. The real question is, was it intentional or just an experiment gone bad. Read my post EARTH LAB, and you will soon learn that many of these experiments were indeed intended to have these diabolical outcomes. http://thependulist.wordpress.com/2012/07/11/earth-lab/
juicehydrangea root tincture with apple cider vinegar-This is a sure fire recipe for dissolving kidney stones. I suggest adding water and apple juice, and sipping it all day.

swish3how can oil pulling give straighter teeth– I don’t know how, but it just does and I can testify to that! Make sure that you swish until the oil actually turns white when you spit it out. what moon phase to do oil pulling-  Do not wait for a moon phase as swishing should be done every day, with a one day break every 7-10 days. Here is my post giving you more information http://thependulist.wordpress.com/2012/05/31/oil-pulling/

monsantoGMF genetic food-A huge worry because companies like Monsanto are rapidly owning all the seed of the world, much of which is genetically modified (for example adding some pig snout DNA or some such thing, to the seed structure). These fields of GMF crops are actually making people sick, just by their very being. The greed of Monsanto is devastating small farmers all over the world, by their manipulating things so that everything dies, except Monsanto seed. This is a must read http://thependulist.wordpress.com/2012/05/05/genetically-modified-food/                            Eating genetically modified food to me is unthinkable, but the food labeling laws are lax- so are the laws about tweaking/tainting the food source. My answer to this problem is never buy factory farmed meats or GMF produce, if you can help it. Either know where your food is coming from, or grow your own, using heirloom seed. Everyone can be an urban gardener.urban gardener

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