My Sai Sanjeevini Hospital

girlSanathana Sai Sanjeevini healing fragrances, which I shorten to ‘Sai Sanjeevini’, is a self learning, prayer based spiritual healing system. The system is so complete it even has instructions on how to set up a ‘hospital’ at home. I took the suggestion, adapting it somewhat. In doing the set up I was able to read and understand how to combine the patterns, and also refreshed my memory as to just what a myriad of patterns were in the notebook (promptly adding the ‘wheezing and suffocation’ pattern to my husband’s asthma remedy, and yes they have a pattern called ‘asthma’ too).   Here is the website for you to explore and learn;

My daughter is home visiting for a week, but before she goes, I am setting up a portable mini hospital for her, so that she can provide her own self healing, where ever she may be. First I printarc off a broadcasting and transfer chart, and place it in a plastic sleeve. With this chart, she can duplicate or send any sample she has made up. Then I fill several small amber bottles with sugar pellets, and label the bottles with my daughter’s name and the name of the remedy I will be making (i.e. Alison Cold and Flu Remedy or Alison Mega Remedy), and now it is time to make up 4 or 5 samples to cover an array of conditions.

wholebodyThere are hundreds of patterns, which I have organized by body parts, diseases, and combinations (which include of course the ‘recipes’ to make the 60 combinations), in binders with labeled dividers. I keep a labeled sample of the combinations I make, for future use. I must stress that labeling is very important. It is suggested that every remedy start with combination ssc1 and ssc60, and then add, accordingly. That is how you ‘build’ a remedy. ssc1 is called Sarva Shakti Shanthi which means all pervading strength and peace, and includes shakthi and shanthi, thought management, antitoxin, fitness, shock, blockages (all), endocrine system, mind, immune system, and whole body. What a way to start a remedy!! Now ssc60 is called Awakening & Nourishment of Divine Values which include sathya (truth), dharma (right conduct), prema (love), shanthi (peace), ahimsa (non-violence), forgiveness, honesty, gratitude  humility, compassion, smile of inner joy, and auspiciousness. Together ssc1 and ssc60 make a wonderful tonic for our physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, moral and spiritual well being. Take twice daily.  And the divine values of ssc60 are the eternal attributes of our souls and therefore inherent to each being from birth.  When we manifest these values in our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and actions in our daily lives, we experience peace, harmony, wellness, fulfillment, and bliss, and helping and serving become our joyful nature.

Here is an example of how I would create a remedy for say, sleep

ssc1 Sarva Shakti Shanthi
ssc59 Removal and Protection From Negitive Emotions ( includes anxiety, fear,resentment)
ssc60 Awakening and Nourishment of Divine Values
#144 sleep

First I take the bottle of sugar pellets labeled SLEEP, place it on the transfer chart, and transfer the combinations, one at a time. I then place the bottle (which now contains 3 combinations) on pattern #144, sleep. Now my sample is complete. I can transfer this completed combo to yet another amber bottle for Alison to take with her, and my sample goes in the plastic box for safe keeping or future use. She can take her sample and charge her food, drinks, or water with the remedy (using the transfer chart)  any time she pleases.

This week for the first time, I have been able to give my daughter actual live doses of well thought out and personally tailored Sai Sanjeevini combinations, and she is liking it. Twice daily she charges her water or morning drink with her mega remedy, which includes ssc1, ssc60, protection against everything from cold and flu, to anthrax poisoning, to malaria, to the removing of negative emotions, and many many more relevant patterns covering disease states, emotions states, and spiritual states, as well as vaccine antidote.

Self healing is empowering and amazing at the very least. I do believe my daughter has a new and powerful tool. It’s exciting, and this is how I get my kicks.kicks

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