Measurable Results Using Sai Sanjeevini

measuring spoonsSome medical gains cannot be measured, for instance, there is no test to measure how your body aches improve after taking a homeopathic cold and flu remedy. You just know that suddenly, you don’t feel as bad. High blood pressure is nick named ‘the silent killer’ because is carries no symptoms (such as body aches) with it, when it strikes. You cannot feel it like a cold or flu, so to determine your blood pressure you must either dowse, or measure it by using a blood pressure cuff- you can usually find free machines at the drug store.

My husband has always had spot on blood pressure and pulse, but recently accepted a very high stress job, and last week he came home concerned about his blood pressure of 147/93, which was much too high. When you are passionate about your work you can’t help get emotionally involved, and also bring it home to some extent, and so be it. We have our ways to deal with such matters.

sai blood pressureI myself will not give in to the family tradition of taking high blood pressure meds, and neither will my husband, so I made him up a sample of the ssc8 combination that I take to control mine (it’s in my mega remedy), called Blood Pressure High, containing:

ssc1 Sarva Shakthi Shanthi (all pervading strength peace…11 patterns)
ssc60 Divine Values (awakening and nourishment of Divine vales…12 patterns)
ssc12 Cleansing and Kidney (covering kidney, colon, abdomen, infection)

individual patterns (disease and body parts)
ds17 blood pressure high
ds136 veins and arteries problems
ds16 blockages (all)
bps13 endocrine system
bps11 circulatory system
bps42 sinuses (all)
bps 22 heart
bps 49 thyroid

You may always dowse to see if there are any more patterns to add that would benefit the situation.

arcI take an amber bottle with a few sugar pellets in it, and label it ‘ssc8 high blood pressure’, then charge it with the patterns listed above, one by one, and say a small chant or prayer each time. It takes only15 seconds per pattern to either transfer or charge the remedy. I keep all original samples in a plastic sorter box.
After taking ssc8 for just one week, as anticipated, my husband’s blood pressure has dropped to 127/80 and I expect it will still go down  further. A medical problem that could be a very dangerous condition was nipped in the bud and for the future, we know high blood pressure need never be of concern again. Thank you thank you to the folks at Sai Sanjeevini.sai6

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