Should I Be Scared??

armyYesterday I got a view on my blog site from a country called AP, which is not a country at all- it’s an Army Post, searching for what, I don’t know.  Wow, am I attracting mental defectors, or am I being watched? After all, I am a self proclaimed extremist and more,  but yet a humble novice, lacking the  greatness of the ones  before me  who suffered at the hands of the military which is also the government (interchangeable). We can take it even further and say the government is really run by the secret societies, but that is entirely another story. And what drives the military, moneygovernment, and secret societies? Money and power of course, thus incredible folks like Ruth Drown (radionics) and Don Gerrard (paper doctor) were  threatened or jailed simply because they empowered the people to take care of their own health, free or ridiculously cheap,  which for conventional medicine was just plain ‘bad for business’.

As I get older, it gets easier to be  more outspoken but I must admit it took me far too long to really make   the paradigm shift, although I always leaned to the left.



I used to think;

competition is “healthy”–  now I operate with the spirit of cooporation
• vaccinations will protect my child and my pets– a myth, we all got duped
• the government puts people before profits– dream on
if I put money into a retirement plan, it will be there when I retire– ask the former Enron employees who were victims of one of the most notorious schemes in history

I didn’t invent radionics nor am I selling anything controversial so it is doubtful that anyone in high places cares a hoot about me,

 yet one never knows…

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