A New Way To Handle Addiction

sai addictionLet’s get right down to business-  ssc40 is the Sai Sanjeevini combination for addiction- addictions of all kinds. At the base of the combination is ssc1 Sarva Shakthi Shanthi, ssc 60 Divine Values, ssc12 Cleansing and Kidney, and ssc27 Liver. Then we add ds2 addictions, ds143 SAFE (scars of abuse, fears eradication), bps 54 Whole Body, and I have further added to the combination ds185 Vaccine Antidote. and the Sai Sanjeevini team recently reminded me to add DS 154 (addictions- drugs)  to the SSC 40 Combination, as well.

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quick fixThis is not a ‘quick fix’. not to say that you might not feel something with immediacy. Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns work deep and long, stripping off layers,  not blocking or defeating. They work hand and hand with homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, and actually, anything, even allopathic prescription medicine.

breakFor those of you trying to break bad habits and end or reduce addictions, I highly recommend printing off these patterns, which are absolutely free and easily available, thanks to the generous Sai Sanjeevini team, and making a tonic to be taken twice daily.  As an eclectic, I suggest a well rounded mind and body program including homeopathy and Bach flower remedies, Sai Sanjeevini patterns, Kaballah, chiropractics, tissue salts (cell salts), chakra balancing, astrology, and counseling. Sad to say that, outside of counseling, you won’t find any of this in your 12 step programs, or even at the classy and pricey private facilities, nor have I ever seen an addictionologist  in private practice who employs any of the above- ANY!!!!!

pendulum1You can always dowse for the modality that will most benefit you, the homeopathic remedy that will most benefit you, or the Bach flower remedy that will most benefit you, but always listen to your gut and reflect on what attracts you, naturally.  (My daughter cooks with huge amounts of rosemary, which turns out to be her astrological herb, see?)  What you are attracted to, your gut feelings, and what you feel in your heart is just a different level of the higher self that combs the universe for answers via your pendulum.

I  shared the Sai Sanjeevini ssc40  combination remedy with 2 people I know who suffer from drug addiction, one of which is my daughter. I was anxious to see what results, if any, they might report. Both gave me a thumbs up and  took a sample bottle of the ‘mega addiction’ and a duplicating chart,  to make their own daily remedy. This was not a cure all for either of them, and they each do still struggle with addiction, however some of the benefits they collectively reported were motivation, a settling of the mind, friendlier nature, desire to give.  And there is no bigger joy than sharing and giving. It is my joy to share this healing modality with you, and to all addicts and all peoples with afflictions.

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