Fresh Water- A Right Or A Privilege?

tap waterIf you’re drinking a glass of tap water, you might want to think twice, because burning coal for electricity produces ash and sludge full of arsenic, boron, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, and selenium, and where do you think it all goes? That’s right- directly into our water. The same power plants that are causing asthma with their soot and wrecking our climate with their carbon are also dumping tons of toxins into our waters. There are little in the way any rules to stop them- the plants keep on sending toxic sludge into rivers and streams, where it threatens swimmers and boaters, poisons wildlife, and destroys ecosystems. And all this, in the name of profits, as I would imagine they would do things differently if it made them money. Is clean drinking water a right or a privilege?

We can’t change the world- but we can change ourselves…

  • Become an activist– know the issues so that you don’t sound like a fool when you try to educate others.
  • Sign Petitions– the higher the number of signatures, the louder the voice of the petition. Easy to do and a very effective way to actuate changes.
  • Invest green– sell your Monsanto and Exxon stock for environmentally responsible, clean tech or sustainable stocks.
  • Boycott anything that offends you– such as genetically modified foods, or Marc Jacobs designs, on which he has been known to use dog fur.

In the meantime…

  • Do not drink water from the tap, period– Water must first be filtered or distilled, or must come directly from a spring.
  • Choose distilled water for purity– distilled water contains no solids, minerals or trace elements making this the ideal water for those who suffer from kidney stones.
  • Balance your water– When I first learned how to use my pendulum, I programmed it to balance food and water, which I do without fail, anytime either is brought into the house.pendulum1

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