My New Holistic Dentist

dentistAs I have said before, I have a history of bad and unnecessary dental work, as well as some problems about a year old stemming from a bridge not adhering to the cement and would not stay in, and thus have great suspicion when it comes to the dentist. My mouth had been in poor condition as well- pockets were deep, gums were spongy, teeth were loosening and becoming crooked, and I felt disturbing ‘activity’ deep below the roots. Determined to do something about the poor condition of my mouth, I began oil pulling which I have been doing for several months now.  When I first started my regime, I also listened to a tone to reduce the bacteria  using my digital radionics software. My overall oral health has  greatly improved and I now consider it to be good, so at this time I decided to go to a holistic dentist to attempt once again to have the bridge cemented in, feeling that with a better oral condition the bridge will be more likely to stay.

I met Dr. Yokoyama today and was delighted. I told him about my dental nightmares spanning 30 years, and how oil pulling had dramatically changed my oral condition. Surprisingly he knew all about oil pulling, but preferred coconut oil to my sesame! I was immediately impressed. Because I have always been so darn conservative with x rays, I consented to 2, using a low radiation digital set up, and of course I was draped in a protection apron. Dr. Yokoyama was most considerate in listening, sharing, and generally partnering with me as I love to do with the professionals I choose. Further, he apologized to me on behalf of all dentists, for the crap dental work my mouth represents.

Outstanding- he has agreed to re-cement the bridge for a reasonable fee. But before he got started he did offer as an option, an extravagant surgery involving removing the 2 roots (which are now just hollow toxic cesspools) and putting something else in, but to me, it was a big NO. Ok now letsox get started. First a stream of oxygenated water was squirted in my mouth to kill the bacteria. Thanks Doc for telling me about this. I later read that when used on skin it reduces wrinkles and when you drink it, it makes your heart and muscles work better. Oh my gosh, I just realized my husband’s water vortex creates just such oxygenation. I’ll have to use it more often now, and must remember to tell the dentist we have been using oxygenated water at home, all this time. “You’re doing great”  said my new dentist as he pressed the bridge in.” Thank you, so are you, I replied”.

Now the cementing is complete but there is still something I need to deal with. Dr. Yokoyama tells me I grind my teeth, and this can rock the bridge loose. He suggested a plastic guard that slips on to be worn at night to soften grinding, which sounded like a good plan, but better yet, I will be selecting a remedy to calm my nerves and reduce or quell altogether, the grinding. ”Who prescribes your homeopathy” the dentist asked. “I do” said I, but did not disclose my rubrics.

pen2After returning home, I dowsed for the best remedy to help me stop grinding my teeth. I dowse for the number of the best remedy, from a list of 151 remedies. “Show me the number of the remedy that will best end my teeth grinding.”  My pendulum chose #60,  Fragaria vesca, better know as Wild Strawberry. Hmmmmmm… never used it- I’ll look it up.  Fragaria Vesca is used for softening and removing tartar and dental plaque off teeth…let me read further. Fragaria is used to calm and cool the liver, intestines, and stomach. In addition, the leaves and roots  tighten loose teeth and treat gum disease. Lastly I read “ it is an affordable over-the-counter solution for teeth grinding”. Wow, could there have been a better remedy selection? It is interesting to note that in my internet search I found the word ‘fragmentise’ (close to fragaria) which means bray, mash, crunch, grind – reduce to small pieces or particles by … a grating or grinding sound by rubbing together or “grate one’s teeth in anger”.

Since I do not have this remedy in any of my remedy kits, I’ll have to potentize but that’s no problem becausedec I have everything I need- white paper, black pen, salt water, a crystal glass of spring water, and a decagon.  Write the remedy and dose in capitals, on a small piece of white paper. Dip in salt water and let dry.  Then place it on the decagon and put your crystal glass of water on top.  Let potentize 2 hours and voila, FRAGARIA VESCA 10C. It will be ready by bedtime which is the time to take it, per my pendulum of course.

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