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I use your search terms to try to clarify your health concerns and questions…

swish3oil pulling joint pain- this method boasts relief from joint pain and arthritis, however, I personally have not felt this benefit. But I’ve had great benefit in my mouth and teeth. For more about oil pulling and a full list of cures, go to


cell saltscell salt for dry eyes – sodium chloride and silicia will help you with your dry eyes. Dissolve under your tongue or add to your water supply. For herbal eye preparations and more about eye wellneness go to


aggressiveaconite 30c for fear aggressive dogs- aconite is indeed an excellent remedy for fear (even for fearful dogs) however, I think it appropriate to be at least wary of an aggressive dog. Just to let you know, I gave aconite to my dog and cat when traveling and it immediately calmed both down.


colmrsa vitamin c, colloidal silver kills mrsa, goldenseal mrsa, acai kill mrsa– yes, they all kill MRSA.  See Madeleine’s Protocol for a very complete natural approach to dealing with MRSA.


pendulum1do heroin use dowsing- If this person is asking if heroin users dowse, I do know at least one heroin user who does, but logic tells me and by the law of averages, at least some dowsers use heroin, and some heroin users dowse. I scoured the internet, and honestly, my blog was the only one I found that mentioned dowsing and heroin in the same article, nor have I ever read or heard anywhere about using dowsing as a tool in treating addiction, aside from my own comentary.

boycout soboy scouts immunization exemption- you will find it in my blog referenced below- good job mom. I cannot underline strongly enough that one of my biggest regrets in life was vaccinating my daughter.                                           form


walnutwalnut flower essence curse walnut1breaker- this inquirer wants a ‘curse’ breaker and the Bach flower Walnut is considered a ‘link’ breaker (same same), as per it’s definition; Fear major life changes and are in need of protection from the influences of others- the ‘Link Breaker’. Oversensitive to strong outside influences for any major physical or emotional changes in life (teething, puberty, changing jobs or houses). Protection against psychic or cosmic influences – feels insecure. For deep-seated negative patterns or habits, or for breaking family ties. Over-sensitive to others.

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