Talk To The Tick Through Dowsing

When I first began learning about the electromagnetic spectrum and using my pendulum (almost 3 years ago), I read something interesting about someone fixing toasters, computers and the like, using the pendulum. It prompted me to try an experiment on my car whose air pendulum1conditioning was running weak, using my pendulum to balance and repair the a/c in my vehicle. I did manage to increase the cold air flow in the car and to this day have not needed to have the a/c checked. How was that possible? Because the car, myself (or my intention to repair the a/c), and my pendulum all have electromagnetic energy, and my pendulum is able to read my intention and balance or calibrate the car, according to the rate of my intentions, adjusting the undulations of the electromagnetic field of the air conditioning. I hope this makes sense.

I had forgotten about using my pendulum in such a fashion, probably because there was no need to repair any mechanical devices, until now. Lately I’ve been having acceleration issues with the same car- hesitation, lunging, and stalling. Actually the car has been acting upfor several months now , but I have been avoiding addressing it, not wishing to take the time out to get an evaluation at the repair shop nor spend the money inevitably in the cards,but has gotten to a point where I can no longer ignore it.  I wrote on my list of things to do;

“take car into Tony (our mechanic)”

brigihht ideasOh wait just a minute, I got a bright idea. Why not try to repair the acceleration problem with my pendulum? Why not… Alison and I got into the  car planning to do some errands and we decided I should give it a try. I left my pendulum in the house, but Alison had hers which she handed to me. I immediately got to work directing my pendulum to repair and balance the acceleration problem in my car. It only took a few minutes for the pendulum to circle and circle and finally point to the ‘yes’, which is it’s signal to me that the task is complete.                                                                                                                                        car

Was this an authentic repair?  We shall see when we drive. We pulled out of the garage without the car lunging or losing power, and had smooth sailing all the way. Really? I’m bursting with pride and a little full of myself after this great feat!!!! Let’s see if we can we push the envelope a little further…

brandiOur dog Brandi has been having an ongoing urinary problem, including blood in the urine. We have used a array of remedies which hold for a short time (such as arnica and berberis), but not for the long haul. Jimmie had read about ticks burrowing in and releasing toxins into the dog’s system while they feed on the blood. Ew. We had tried to get a tick out a few months ago but the head may still be lodged in her back, still feeding and doing damage. Ew. We can either extract tickithe tick or try reasoning with it. I got this idea about communicating with it from a fellow dowser from France, who suggested something similar in reference to getting entities to stop making holes in my t shirts. Reason with them- tell them they can stay around as long as they stop making the holes. I ran the idea by Jimmie, who then picked up his pendulum to try to make contact with the tick (the tick’s higher self). The tick resisted making contact but at last communication was opened up. Jimmie asked the tick to stop feeding on Brandi. Adamantly “No”. Then he asked the tick to stop releasing the toxins into Brandi’s system.  “Yes.” Will the tick stop making Brandi sick with it’s toxins?

It is now the next morning, and Brandi’s urine was blood free, but we will be keeping close tabs on the situation to see if the tick will keep his (or her) word.  In all likely hood the tick is going to have to go, toxins or not, word or not, but first I will give it a week or 2 to see the result of the experiment. The proof will be in Brandi’s urine, and I will be                                                                           keep

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