Potentizing With Accuracy

I’ve been busier than usual with my daughter home, job, husband, blog, and healing. Everyone ear1needs a remedy it seems, me included. Jimmie’s left ear is stuffed up. I dowse and get Coca (mountaineer’s remedy) and he gets immediate relief from my potentized 30c Coca.

Alison has a girl11bad stomach, especially in the morning. Jimmie selected Arcenicum 1m using a more conventional rubric and his knowledge of homeopathic remedies. I then potentized the Arcenicum and the stomach improves about 45 minutes after she sips it.

After seeing the dentist grindingand finding out I grind my teeth, I then dowse for a remedy and get Fragaria vesca, which I potentized and have been taking. I feel less tension in the mouth and less need to grind. And so it goes. I cannot remember the last time I bought a homeopathic remedy- it could be years by now. I take pride in my ability to dowse for the correct remedy and potentize it, spot on.

sai1Our healing notebooks are neatly organized by modality and labeled, and we make sure to keep an ample supply of amber bottles, sugar pellets, plastic sleeves, labels, sea salt, and black pens on hand. There is always a Sai Sanjeevini transfer chart set up on the healing table, for anyone of us to quickly make a remedy at any time, and no groceries get put away until balanced. These practices have become second nature to us-                                     it’s a family affair.family


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  1. Dan
    Aug 31, 2015 @ 02:26:31

    How do you go about balancing your groceries before putting them away?


    • The Pendulist
      Aug 31, 2015 @ 16:21:58

      When I first learned how to dowse I installed several programs in my pendulum (look up ‘letters to Robin’, and they tell it all). One was for balancing, and now my pendulum knows what I want it to do. I bring in my groceries, take out my pendulum and hold it over the groceries and say “according to programs previously installed, please balance these items to be the most beneficial to every man, animal, plant, building and thing”. The I say “take anything negative and send it back into the atmosphere in a positive manor for all to benefit from, above and below.” While I speak, my pendulum circles- when it goes back to the ‘yes’ position (as I have it programed) they are balanced. Old food rarely spoils at my house!