Easy Tree Rat Removal

Tree rats are rats that live in trees- just as they sound. We discovered tree rats out in front, in the palm tress whose fronds stretch out over our front porch. The rats are bold- they hang there, squeak, and go up and down the tree itself. I saw one scurry off the porch through the rod iron fence that separates my porch from my neighbor’s, in broad daylight and noticed one ripped open a bag of trash left on the porch overnight. (I won’t do that again!) Rats carry diseases and I really don’t want them around my apartment. They have got to go.

I noticed little rat trapping boxes all over the property, put out by the exterminator about 2 weeks ago but they don’t seem to have cut down the rat population. Ew. Let’s give our digital radionics software a try. It worked amazingly well on ants who simply turned around and left after hearing the tone which is the rate for “all ants leave apartment 105″, not so well on roaches though we couldn’t figure out why, and very very well on insects that got into our hydroponic tent who all turned up dead at the bottom of a bucket the day after being subjected to the radionic tone.

tree ratTaking a picture of the trees where the little critters live, we place it as the subject on the radionics device (in this case we uploaded the photo and placed it into the software)
along with the message “remove tree rats”. A rate is determined and the tone is played (can be put on mute and I suggest you do!). there is also a space for either a decagon, a Hebrew letter or some symbol you might want to ad for purposes of amplifying.                                                                            goodbye

First we blasted the tone, and then put it on mute. The rats were gone                                                                the next night, and the next. But on the third night they came back.

I reset the software and we are back at it again. Tonight we will see                                                                                            if they are here or gone and I will be sure to follow up and let you                                                                                     know the outcome. I hope this is goodbye to the tree rats.


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