Disaster Survival List With A Twist

I’m not a ‘patriot’ nor a ‘prepper’ but I do believe in being ready for an emergency, be it earthquake, plague, or terrorist attacks.

soltd outThey say disasters and such can shut down commerce for weeks, meaning the grocery store would be sold out in a matter of days or less, if there were a run on the store.  Not only would we probably be unable to get food or water, but the grid may be down and anything you had on your computer may be hidden behind a blank screen.

There is no harm in being prepared, and who wants to starve or riot for food in a crisis?
Not I. I am putting together my own version of a prepper’s stockpile, that should serve a family of 3, plus a dog, for  about 6 weeks.

First water, a gallon a day per person. I’ll round down a little and stock 20 five gallon water bottles. A drop of bleach can be used to purify bad water but you best know what you are doing. You can also balance water with your pendulum.

For food, stock  20 pounds each of rice and beans,  10 pounds cornmeal, 1/2 gal olive oil, about 100 jarred meats fruits and veggies, 5 pounds of pasta, and 2 pounds of sugar. I don’t know about you, but I would rough it with my french press, so add 2 pounds of coffee, several canned milks, as well as tea. 20 pounds of dog kibble should last over a month. Make sure to package your food stocks in 5 gallon sealable paint containers, with salt at bottom, and add dry ice to remove the air, before sealing.

Also pack vinager, baking soda, salt, and vodka or brandy for a variety of uses, flint, matches, candles, oil lamp and fuel, batteries, soap, garbage bags and latex gloves.

A cook stove and fuel are a must. We are in California so cooking outside is usually always an option. You must think ahead for cooking twice a day for 6 weeks and make sure you have enough charcoals, fuel canisters, or whatever you come up with for cooking. You will be cooking rice and beans as a daily staple, as well as cornmeal cakes and pasta, plus heating food and boiling water for coffee or tea. Test your equipment in advance!

decWe cannot forget emergency healing supplies. Always but always have 1several decagons on hand, protected in plastic sleeves. Have your Sai Sanjeevini hospital and paper doctor patterns, and dowsing charts printed and organized, and easy to get your hands on, again protected in plastic sleeves. Plenty of amber bottles, black pens, white paper, as well as a compass and pendulum. And of course books and reference material. If the grid goes down, we have scads of books and print outs on everything under the sun.under the sun

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