A Healing Day

save the worldNot a day goes by without having to heal, counsel, or try to save the world, and the same goes for my husband. Who would have imagined life would take us to this state, to this field, to this consciousness. good morningIn our family, we place our morning drinks on a Sai Sanjeevini prayer pattern to start our day. These are combinations of various patterns, custom made for each person. I place my morning coffee on mine, and find myself wearing my inner smile.

Today is my day off from my fund raising job. And it’s gonna be a healing day-

  • Brandi still has a little blood in her urine- going back to Graphites which I dowsed for and and which with we had great success. I have plenty of pellets on hand in both 6c and 30 c. Here Brandi…
  • Alison has sore teeth. Yes, sore teeth when she bites down. Jimmie dowsed and got Mag phos. After about 6 doses of 30c she stopped complaining, and when asked about her teeth she said “much better”. I am also making a Sai Sanjeevini sleep square for her pillow case.
  • I have added a blood pressure element to Jimmie’s Sai Sanjeevini mega remedy- I do believe the pressure of his job contributed to his condition, but we have that covered. He, also has a sleep square.
  • For me, it’s Rux tox for my for feet, and paper doctor ‘tired feet’ which I carry everywhere I go. When I feel the pressure of life, I feel it my chest. Ignatia 30c has been a mainstay all over mind tonic remedy for me which removes the chest pain and lets me breathe. I also need Fragaria vesca for the teeth grinding issue.

blessingIt is a very good thing, and a blessing to be sure, to have the ability to be able to pendulum1dowse for the correct remedy, and then potentize it, whenever a need arises.  Not only have we saved hundreds of hours spent in travel and appointment time seeking out doctors, but probably thousands of dollars on services and medicines, not to mention the thousands saved on health insurance which we  never carry, unless it is offered free on the job


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