Unity Has To Be The Goal

doomssI’m fascinated by preppers, twins and multiple birth families and large families of 12 or more, andmulti by the mere notion that the sun is 93 million miles away, however far that may be. Reality is much more entertaining to me than most fiction. I watch reality TV- Jon and Kate, Beverly Hills Housewives,  Wife Swap, I especially love the Alaskan Homesteaders who are amazing survivalists, and lately have been watching the doomsday preppers who, for one reason or another see the end of the world and have made it their live’s work and a culture as well, preparing.

But as my husband pointed out for me, their thing will never work, because it is only for themselves.  This is a major teaching I have learned from Kabbalah about living and giving. It must include all. A prepper builds a bunker only for his family’s safety and cares not what happens to the rest of the world.  This does not full fill the mutual guarantee.

I go with the one-love one-heart kind of thinking. In a community crisis I would most definitely share some of my provisions and take up a role as a healer.  I have often thought it might take some kind of a world shake up and loss of conventional medicine as we know it to bring the community toward the alternative healing means myself and my family now practice.

BTW- For all of you that have hidden bunkers that are blast proof, attack proof, or open-in-any-way proof, remember that the idea of the door not opening works both ways.  You might also get stuck inside. Also remember the law of attraction-  mind what you think about and plan for, least it happen!

foodoEmergency food stores should be kept, not because I am expecting a solar flash knocking out the grid and subsequent riots, but more because there could be either a weather event or some man-made event preventing the flow of food, water and supplies into our community for one of many reasons for as many as weeks on end. I wrote Madeleine’s Survival List previously which you can refer to when putting together your survival gear. http://thependulist.wordpress.com/2013/05/12/madeleines-survival-list/

pendulum1One of my most precious survival tools broadly in life is my pendulum. Not onlyds84 can I use it to select a remedy and then potentize the remedy from water, salt and a decagon, but I could use it to find and balance water, and to determine fungalweather or not food is spoiled, and also to clear noxious energy, and in any crisis there is probably noxious energy associated with it, which will benefit all, to be cleared. My set of 3 Sai Sanjeevini notebooks are a complete healing system in themselves- an endless source of healing prayer energy that myself and family use on a daily basis to help develop good health and divine attributes. Our paper doctors patterns used with a magnet give us another complete healing system to draw from, and remember, these are endless sources of energy for healing and potentizing.

Preppers hoard jewelry to trade after doomsday. I have love and healing to offer free, and know that by that, I shall be provided for.godprovides

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