Chronic Relapsing

Alison relapsed. We, including herself, have decided she should go to rehab for at least 30 days, to rest, regroup, and basically to detox. After as many programs as she has been over these last 7 years (all the way from free, up to 30k a month), none of us see the point for a long bout in rehab at this juncture.

How do I get homeopathy and energy healing and such to Alison when she’s in rehab? With much difficulty in past experiences admitting her into programs, I would thoroughly  discuss homeopathy with the treatment staff and leave her remedies with them, never to be seen again by Alison. It was the same story wherever she went. A lot of push back. When it came to using homeopathic remedies (or anything of a metaphysical nature) in conjunction with detox and addiction treatment, they were clueless. Finally I learned to broadcast and would do the best I could to dowse and select, then broadcast, depending on our level of communication and her needs.

packingIt’s time to start packing and prepare for rehab once again. She will need more than clothes, shoes, and a flat iron, and since I am at a brand new stage of my healing endeavors, and have means above and beyond what I used to have, Alison will get to bring what she needs, remedy wise, and will be in complete control of her health, without ever breaking the rules by bringing in amber bottles with questionable liquids, or homeopathic pellets whose value and need is not understood.

chart2I have made 2 healing pages neatly contained back-to-back in a plastic chart1sleeve, with several items cut and taped on each page. Each side has a Sai Sanjeevini transfer and broadcasting chart, and one side has a small decagon for potentizing. I tried to anticipate any medical needs that may come up, knowing my daughter’s usual issues. I chose to cover the most of her needs with Sai Sanjeevini patterns, and also gave her the ability to potentize at least 2 homeopathic remedies. The homeopathic remedies  she will be able to make are Rhus tox for stomach, and Mag phos for sore teeth, both issues heroin detox related. I prepared 2 pieces of paper with the remedy names and doses written on them, dipped into salt water, and dried. Now with the remedy papers ready, she can potentize either remedy any time she may need them, using the decagon. Or, she also can just hold the paper and get some result. I lightly taped the remedy papers on to the larger paper inside the plastic sleeve for safe keeping. I also charged 2 hair clips with her mega (daily constitutional blend of everything but the kitchen sink)chart3 and sleep Sai Sanjeevini remedies, and she can wear the appropriate hair clip according to which remedy she may need (fancy bobbie pin is mega, and pink tipped clip is for sleep!). Then I made remedy squares (small pieces of paper charged with Sai Sanjeevini patterns) as a back up for the mega and sleep remedies, in case she loses the hair clips. ‘M’ for mega, ‘S’ for sleep, also lightly taped to the page inside the plastic sleeve. Now she can make water or juice or whatever, using the transfer chart. My daughter’s stomach issues are addressed in her mega remedy, but I also made sure she has patterns for stomach, including digestion, acid, and poisoning all, patterns for cramps which include menstrual disorders, pain, and cramps, sinus and cold and sore throat just in case she gets a cold, and of course, the pattern for addiction. Alison’s mini hospital is all in 1 plastic sleeve, and she knows how to use it, including potentizing! This brings to mind the model of the progressive rehab I wish existed, so that I could send my daughter there…

  • The chief doctor would be a astro-homeopathist (is there such a person?)

pendulum1Dowsing lessons would replace some of the pity parties (group sessions)
Chakra balancing,  radionics, Sai Sanjeevini patterns and homeopathy, as well as Bach flower remedies, would replace psychotropic drugs


Every day would begin with prayer and Kabbalah study- as everything comes from Him


Energy signature patterns, and sacred geometry would be studied so that clients could learn to solicit and respect  man, nature, and the universe.

  • Chiropractics would be available to every client.  A good adjustment is invaluable for good health, both mental and physical.


  • New healthy ways would be established like juicing, jogging, biking, vegetarian cooking, and gardening, all available to participate in, at this very unique rehab. New wholesome activities create an environment which lead to  engaging in new dialogues, new habits, new passions.
  • Gratitude sharing will be a weekly event- focusing on the gifts of life helps one to gain a sense of well being.

 oh  always remember Madeleine’s rehab rule #1-

NEVER ANNOUNCE TO THE GROUP THAT YOU ARE AN ADDICT – as you say you are, is as you will be.

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