The Miracle Detox

sick1When Alison would get drug sick when trying to detox from heroin back in 2009, it was a terrible thing- throwing up, cramps, kicking of the legs, etc. I knew nothing of broadcasting at the time, nor potentizing nor pendulums, nor decagons.

In 2010, when I was able to grab her up and bring her home for a short time, we used homeopathy almost exclusively to ease the pain and calm the savage beast in her. Nox vomica and Aconite were used, as well as Lac Humanun (a good pick for any drug addict). Later in the year  I used my pendulum to draw the pain out of her, as well as tried several energy charts.

By 2011, we were well into potentzing and using more energy patterns, as well as broadcasting. Since she wasn’t living with us and was in and out of rehabs, or on the streets, or where ever, we had to do our works from afar, and believe me, we did. I have been transmitting Alison’s Sai Sanjeevini mega formula to her every day for many months, and broadcast numerous remedies numerous times.

Here is an new and interesting, and effective twist on heroin detox, using tautopathy- basically creating an antidote.  My explanation is the watered down and abbreviated version, so here is some good reading on the matter…

blkta rI’m not saying I actually did this myself, but I will say this, ” I’ve seen it done and seen it work”… The photo to the left is black tar heroin, typical of what you would find on the West coast.  Take a little piece of  heroin preferably from the same batch the user has been consuming (good luck on getting it), and cook it down with some water in a spoon until dissolved and comes to a boil. Then suck it amberup through a cotton with a syringe, just as if you were preparing to shoot it. Now you have a clean filtered syringe1sample in your syringe to work with. Transfer a drop of the liquid to an amber bottle- that’s all you need. Now it is time to start the homeopathic trituration of the heroin antidote (using a 1/99 ratio).  This method can also be used to withdraw from cigarettes, by making the preparation using tobacco, and so forth.

If the person you are trying to help with this remedy, happens to be in residential rehab and you can’t just drop it off to her (or him), you can certainly broadcast it. A non-medical detox is brutal and I would wish it on no one. Yes I have seen this non conventional  procedure done by a rebel healer and it really worked, including the broadcasting piece-  homeopathic heroin made from the hair of the dog, will ease the pain and duration of withdrawing, but it might get a little tricky obtaining your sample!robber

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