Prayers For Alison

rehaehabSunday  I went to see my daughter at the residential rehab she has agreed to stay for the next month, and brought her some goodies.  I don’t care how fancy the rehab (and this is a bare bones state program), treats of any kind are always welcome.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. This was the first time Alison brought natural healing to rehab.  In the past she was denied homeopathic liquids or pellets or even Bach flower remedies, due to, I am sure, nothing more than a lack of understanding, even at the poshest facilities.

decAlong with the broadcast to Alison of a very specially concocted ‘secret weapon’, this time I sent my daughter to rehab armed with a small broadcastdecagon so that she can potentize a remedy if she needs one. She also brought several Sai Sanjeevini patterns as well as some samples of Sai combinations charged into small pieces of paper and 2 hair clips also charged up with prayer patterns, and a broadcasting and transfer chart.

When our eyes locked after spotting each other in the foyer, Alison broke out a smile with a short giggle.  “This was the easiest detox I’ve ever been through- what have you been sending me?”  “Hi Baby you look great- I hear you are a role model and I’m very proud of you.” She went on to  tell me she wore the fancy hair clip charged with the mega remedy during the day, and the pink tipped hair clip charged with the sleep remedy, by night, allowing her to sleep 6 hours of sleep a night when during an ‘ordinary’ detox she only expected to get 3 hours of sleep.  She did complain that some of the girls gave her funny looks when she was making her prayer water. “Hmmmmmmmmmmm” said I, “this is a 12 step program where you surrender to God and ask for His help, so if they laugh at your ‘prayer water’,  shame on them.”  She agreed, and on a different note, I began to show her what I brought… T shirts, a hoodie, boots, instant coffee with hazelnut creamer, a Subway foot long BBQ chicken sandwich and 2 cookies, a array of candy, and 4 packs of Camel Crushed Bold, needed to support yet a new habit, picked up at one rehab or another. (She promised to quit within the next year, but one thing at a time)

prayThe healing power of Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns are working slowly and prayerdeeply on Alison, but she needs your prayers as well. Leave a comment for Alison to represent a prayer for her recovery.prraayyeerr1

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