Allopathic Medicine- The Alternative

aabcI don’t want to come off as rigid or inflexible- especially as a natural healer. Allopathic medicine and prescription drugs do have value and can be used successfully.  There, I said it.

chakraFor me, I follow the healing path with the least amount of intrusion, obviously choosing a chakra balancing over surgery, if it will do the deed. I’ll be the first to admit I was right down there at the ER of Kaiser Hospital waiting for a fat shot of Morphine to ease the pain of my kidney stone attack, and had no compunction whatsoever giving Suboxone and other detox meds to my daughter when she was suffering greatly with heroin withdraws. But these situations are few and far between, and honestly I have learned more as a healer since then, and I can assure you Alison had absolutely no medical support (i.e.drugs) for this last detox, which fireaccording to her, was light and easy, and all we used were natural modalities, but  I’m not a fool- I’m not going to stand there in a fire getting burned, expecting the automatic sprinklers to come on.  If they don’t come on, get out of the fire.

sai schioA reader recently reprimanded me, saying I don’t know what it’s like to have a violent daughter, and Jani Schofield’s meds were a must for her. True I have a daughter with different issues, but prescription medicine often turns up when there are no other options, and apparently, the Sai Sanjeevini pattern for schizophrenia was not an option for Susan.

universeThere are worlds of homeopathic, herbal, and prayer and energy healing out there, all of which can be combined with an allopathic protocol, allowing the possibility of being able to reduce frequency and milligrams of these very serious drugs Jani is taking.  Lithium is known to damage the organs and requires the recipients of it to get frequent blood tests. Come on Susan, it can’t hurt to give this a try;

homeopathyHomeopathy– Drs. Robert and Judyth Ullman are world renown with numerous books and case histories with success in both schizophrenia and autism, using homeopathy. check out their website at  They are only 2 of thousands of practitioners  doing this kind of work with stunning results.

juicingNutrition– I think it’s pretty well accepted that a gluten free diet is essential when dealing with autism, and an analysis of international variations in outcome of schizophrenia in relation to national dietary practices, showed that high consumption of sugar and of saturated fat is associated with a worse long-term outcome of schizophrenia. So diet does matter.  It cannot be counted on solely to cure disease, but is a piece to the wellness puzzle.

reflexReflexology– Reflexology is a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness,, and in the process pulls toxins from the body which leave through the feet.  Both Jani and Bodhi are probably toxed to the max from all the pharmaceuticals and could use the purging, not to mention it reflex1is relaxing and feels good while tonify the organs and such. Susan might also benefit from reflexology treatments. They could do a family outing to Thaitown (perhaps a 40 minute drive from where they live) where there are dozens of reflexology establishments, have a great lunch, and all get their feet done!

sai6Sai Sanjeevini- This is an entire system of medicine using prayer patterns, based on the principle of radionics. I myself have put together an entire hospital in 3 neat binders and a plastic sorter box. In my article I’m So Excited, I explain how, and also suggest several patterns (to be used along with comb #1 and #60)  that I would incorporate into a mega remedy for both Jani and Bodhi. You could charge up her chocolate milk, or his apple juice, or you could charge her pony tail holder, or a small piece of paper for him to put in his pocket, providing a steady delivery of prayer remedies. Do not rely on any one thing- add this to the healing mix.

pen2Dowsing- Dowsing is a way to receive information from the universe. You can use it to determine the healing note and color of each child. If Bodhi’s healing color is blue, for instance, try to dress him in blue.  If Jani’s healing color was yellow, you could put out a vase of beautiful sun flowers for her to enjoy.  If the healing note is C, play some songs in the key of  C, etc.

digital radionicsDigital Radionics–  This software allows me to use my intentions for healing.  Susan could put out a continuous broadcast for each child, using pictures of each of the kids and a decagon, a rate and pitch of 54760780 and 417.79 for Bodhi, and 54594129 and 416.52  for Jani, and the following wishes;                                                                                                                                            wishes



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