Legal Drugs For Addicts

Dual diagnosis isall . Why else would all these drug addicts chronically relapse, if not because they had an underlying untreated mental issue standing in the wings and popping out from time to time, making staying off their drug of choice, next to impossible? But are these dual diagnosis facilities able to boast better results that a traditional 12 step program, and are they really effectively dealing with the mental aspect?

Now we are seeing more  dual diagnosis facilities, meaning they claim to treat the underlying pillsmental disorder, be it bipolar, schizophrenic, ADHD, or some personality disorder like narcissistic or borderline, along with the addiction. Sounds like a plan indeed, until you examine it, just to discover that the treatment is nothing more than prescription medicine and the ‘management’ of such- standard issues such as mood stabilizers, anti depressants, tranquilizers, and let us not leave out anti-psychotics, doled out in generous portion by psychiatrists  who abandon the concept of  ‘err on the side of caution’ often over medicating, and only see the client once a month. What is worse is that that are cross addicting many addicts who never took pills (but do now), and cross prescribing giving anti-psychotic drugs normally reserved for schizophrenics or bipolar folks, to everyone.  Tegretal, Lithium, Klonopin, Zyprexa and Riperdal are all cross prescribed. I have noticed the same trends in other areas as well- there is a drug I see advertised called Humira, originally said to clear up  skin rashes and such. Now they are billing it as a treatment for Crohn’s disease. And Botox injections are now being used to treat migraines.  Hmmmmmm.

When clients are medicated they are perceived as more stable and more cooperative.  No tech or counselor wants a high maintenance client at rehab.  Night time meds before bed ensure the sleepingclients will lay quietly in bed all night- the facility needs to runs smoothly at night when there is only 1 staff member on duty.  There is plenty of Seroquel to go around!! And so, this is how the mental/emotional component of the picture is now being treated- it is sedated and subdued with a pill.

Nobody asked me, but this is just outrageous. There are soooo many negatives to these drugs

  • cross addiction/dependency
  • side effects
  • long term damage to organs
  • no curative effect

Isn’t it time to  try something different already?  Or at lease add something new into the repertoire, cause folks, we still have drug addicts galore…  I’ve said it before,   and I’ll suggest it again- some new ideas for rehab;

  • Astrologists would do the primary intake, diagnosis, and treatment plan
  • Homeopaths would select natural medicines as needed for mental and physical imbalances
  • Healthy habits and  gratitude exercises would replace drugs and pity parties
  • Harm reduction would be offered as an option for those who are unable to abstain entirely

And lastly, here is a list of natural alternatives to some of the hard core drugs given to unsuspecting clients;

I could go on all day…blog


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