Dowsing For The Doctor

dr sI have consulted a homeopathic doctor from India, who is well know. It is one thing to dowse for the best remedy to fix my headache, a kidney stone attach, help heal a sprained ankle, help a bed wetting child, or calm emotions, and quite another to manage an entire case by operating your pendulum, which might involve changing remedies, doses, etc, closing the case etc. I just don’t have the experience or confidence to handle my own very complicated case, with symptoms being collected for decades!!!! Dowsing is a ‘discipline’ that takes practice and the same dedication as learning anything well, from ice skating to brain surgery.

So I did the written intake for the doctor and emailed it to the doctor. He replied back, asking me to get a blood test so that we could know my T3, T4, and TSH thyroid levels. This doctor is allopathically trained, but I was a little surprised, because I was expecting a homeopathic rubrics to solve my case, but I may get that, as well as this.

Seeing as I don’t have a PCP (only a chiropractor) and you can’t just walk into a lab and order your own lab work, not to mention the expense, I had to admit to the doctor that I was a dowser and would provide some general levels based on what my pendulum directed. This is a doctor that successfully transmits remedies over the phone, so I think he may be down for dowsing.

Using a blank dowsing chart, I custom made a dowsing wheel for thyroid, using the levels of low, normal, and high, for T3, T4, TSH, vitamin D, and calcium (as the doctor indicated low D and calcium can also cause thyroid problems.


pendulumsI dowsed for my levels, and then asked my husband to also dowse for them, independent of me. We both got the same answers and I emailed them to the doctor;

T3 low

T4 low to normal

TSH high

vitamin D low to normal (I’m in sunny California now)

calcium normal to high

It will be interesting to see what the good doctor says. In the meantime, we found a great site for the British Dowser’s Society, chock full of great questions and answers from other dowsers, and some free charts, such as a radionic remedy neutralizer and a radionic energy transmitter. I see that even seasoned dowsers of more than 20 years, still get blood tests and go to doctors, which makes me feel better about my dowsing scope. Check out


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    Dec 28, 2013 @ 17:50:34

    The information posted/shared on the site is interesting as a first information to an investigator of Pendulum dowsing for Thyroid. I appreciate. Please try to bring in more and more updated information, to share it to many others in the world, when Hyper Thyroid has become a common ailment to a large number of people, irrespective or age (from small children to aged male/female). Many Dr.s advise that it is the food habits leads to the disease, it has become difficult to properly control, and resulting life long medication. Any reliable information to cure it using Pendulum, its sharing will be God willing for the sake of many.

  2. Karen
    Oct 15, 2014 @ 02:32:31

    I want to know the results of the blood test from the thyroid story on dowsing for the doctor. Did the dowsing results equal the results of how the thyroid levels came out? This has been a long problem for me and I never feel my medicine is a high enough dose. My dowsing says I need a another pill instead of just 2. I’m very interested in dowsing.


    • The Pendulist
      Oct 15, 2014 @ 14:30:18

      I didn’t do blood work. I relied on my dowsing to give me the results. if you trust your dowsing why do the blood work- that’s the whole point!

  3. Marbella
    Oct 15, 2014 @ 03:22:35

    Hola, copie y pegue estawww. britishdowsers org dirección de internet pero encontre muchas, muchisimas páginas y no se cual es la que tu te refieres del DR. me puedes hacer favor de ayudarme para poder antrar y leerla.

  4. Karen
    Oct 15, 2014 @ 14:36:51

    Thanks, I”m trying to believe. It”s all very cool and I’m starting to dowse for my health. This will be a real gift if it works for me. I hadn’t thought about medicine. Yesterday, I tried dowsing for weightloss as well. I think it”s working.

    Thanks for the response!