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It is question and answer time again. You ask the tough questions, and I supply the answers for you;

blk catCan I use aconite on my cat- Yes, you can use it for traveling, thunderstorms, or shock or trauma. I used aconite on kitty O’Shay when traveling by car from Pittsburgh to Baltimore. Also on a wild bird for shock.

2BSA exemption to immunizations form- here it is- good for you, Mom.

MRSAVitamin c, goldenseal, oregano oil, vitamin b3 topical, for MRSA- By all means, these are some of the many vitamin and supplement therapy for MRSA. Here is my MRSA protocol

twins1Is there any chances of getting twins when using cinnamon powder -Obviously there’s a chance. I know of at least one couple who used it and got twins…

bed wetBed wetting gays- Hmmmmmm, never heard that connection before. Did a lot of reading and didn’t find any data to support that theory, but did find an interesting thing about serial kills and bed wetting. It seems there is a triad of symptoms that serial killers have, which are bed wetting, animal cruelty, and arson.

cancer1Why is Cancer the sign of the prophet or teacher- for the same reason capricornCapricorn’s are passionate about social injustice- these are how the heavens influence us when born under these signs.


What is the next step when a meniscus won’t heal- sit on your ass for 8-10 months- your meniscus will heal.

January Schofield munchausen – ah, NO.jani

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