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sai6I love the updates I get now and then, from the Sai Sanjeevini team. They are constantly making it easier, faster, and more efficient, to put together a healing remedy, in just minutes.  If you don’t know them, then let me introduce you

A few months a go, I received an email update with a ‘recipe’ for a skin remedy. I made up a sample using an amber bottle and sugar pellets, labeled “SKIN”. Then I took all of my face and body moisturizers and products, and 1 by 1 charged them up with my newly made skin combination.

I use my Sanjeevini creams as a part of my daily skin care routine. I also use Sanjeevini charged lotion on my feet every night when I take my shoes off. I suffer from an ongoing condition of pain and burning when I walk (the root cause of which I have been unable to cure), but within literately seconds of application of the lotion, the burning is gone and my feet are restored to temporary normalcy. I am amazed by the speed in which the cream/lotion works, and how thoroughly it works as an analgesic.

sai blood pressureAnother success I have received from this beautiful system is normal blood pressure. I went from an unchecked 148/90 down to a cool 117/76 by incorporating a few patterns along with combination #8, BLOOD PRESSURE HIGH into my mega remedy, and charge my morning coffee daily. (I check my BP at the pharmacy in a regulation blood pressure cuff, for complete accuracy). But you may also dowse for either the specific numbers, or just for your blood pressure range, be it low, normal, or high. We have added the same patterns to my husband’s mega remedy, whose blood pressure rose after accepting a very stressful employment, and his is now normal, as well.

common senseThe Sai Sanjeevini approach is common sense. As advised, always start with combinations #1 and #60, and then add patterns that relate to the conditions you are trying to cure. So if you are addressing blood pressure, pick things like, whole body, blood, circulation, heart, and veins.

 I would like to take note of dosing, which is very flexible;

  •  3-6 doses a day are needed for chronic conditions
  •  6-10 doses a day are needed for acute conditions
  •  can be taken every 5 minutes for emergencies

A dose is a sip from a cup of remedy water, or a few drops from the dropper bottle, or 1-3 pellets of sugar pellets.  A dose could be a bite from a charged sandwich!sandwich


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  1. Dr Rajender Kumar Khatri
    Jul 07, 2014 @ 12:52:00

    Dear Madam

    I want to start practice with Sai Sanjeevivi Cards. Are these really effective without present medication.

    With Regards

    Dr R.K.Khatri