The Working Homeless

Lady V must be, conservatively ,over 70 years old, if she’s a day. She is a member of a rising group called the working homeless, with a culture and a look all it’s own.  She and 1 other that I know ofsiuitcaslady v, work with me as fund raisers. What a twist- these determined women who travel with rolling suitcases in tow, sporting plaid jackets and dark pants, short hair and baseball caps or hoodies, who don’t have a permanent place to lay their heads at night, spend their days raising money for charities! I once saw Lady V retrieve an uneaten sandwich from the garbage and gratefully gobble it down. Then she took her seat in the call room and raised over $1000 for an equally grateful non profit organization. The irony. She sleeps in flop houses or cheap hotels when she has the money, and bus stations and I don’t know where, when she doesn’t. If only I had a small suite of offices which included a full kitchen and a full bathroom- I’d open up

Madeleine’s Morning Rest Stop and Healing Center                       

Each client will be greeted with an offering glass

  • A glass of Sanjeevini prayer water
  • A hot shower and clean clothing exchange
  • Laundry facilities
  • A full hot breakfast including eggs and potatoes, fruit salad, bagels and jam, and coffee
  • A meeting with a life coach/advocate
  • An opportunity to take care of business be it use of phone, computer, fax, scanner/copier.  Also a chance to sit at the computer for healing sessions using digital radionics, or touch other healing patterns from our numerous books of healing systems.

Each client leaves with sacklunh c

  • A sack lunch consisting of a sandwich (not bologna) , pretzels, apple, cookies, and drink
  • Bus tokens
  • Hygiene kit which has a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, shampoo, lotion, lip balm, hairbrush, towel
  • Resource list of everything from soup kitchens to homeopathy and women’s clinics, and from clean clothing, to the clean needle exchanges.
  • Healing folder containing a mini magnet, and Paper Doctor and  Sai Sanjeevini patterns and a small healing crystal

Lady V told me she sells flowers on the weekends, and said she also
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