Healing By Dr Sahni

As mentioned before, I sought the advise of a homeopathic master from India, who is also pendulumsmedically trained and known and respected around the world for his remarkable healing. I may be able to dowse for a single remedy, listen to a Bach flower tone, or transmit a good intention through digital radionics, but actually addressing my total ‘case’ which is all my aliments stacked up for decades, is for a trained doctor who can follow my changing symptoms as the treatment is in effect, and the remedies accordingly, until the case is brought to a close. The credentials of my new doctor are overwhelming and if you care to read about his many doctorates and skills and years of service to humanity you may do so at  http://www.homoeopathyclinic.com/about/drsahnibs.htm

hyoSo I took Hyoscyamus 30c, one dose on an empty stomach for 5 days, as prescribed by the Doctor. Day one brought an unexpected emotional outburst (what, me cry in public??) along with a burning of the skin around my mouth, which I described to the doctor as feeling like a chemical burn, and taking about a week to heal. My husband dowsed for my thyroid levels again (I did not want to be emotionally vested in the outcome of the dowsing), which have not changed, and I reported as well.

I updated my new doctor via email, and he has replied;                     

dr s  “Thanks for the update. Pl take Sulphur 30c, one dose empty stomach        daily for 5 days and report me back after 2 wks.”  Dr. Sahni

I was told not to take any ‘herbal prescriptions’ during the 5 day period, so to me that means no homeopathy, no Bach flowers, no herbal supplements, nor any energy healing requiring a magnet. I will still continue with my biosil which  I usually take daily for the burning in my feet (although I have never made the connect why it helps me, but it does).The only thing that will remain in my repertoire in the next 5 days is morning oil swishing and Sai Sanjeevini prayers in my morning drink.  Neither will cloud or disturb the treatment.                                                                                                                                                     I feel so honored that a world class healer of his caliber would even consider my case. Other doctors just abandoned me (or I abandoned them) when they couldn’t fix me. Now, my case is being considered by a master, so I trust he will bring my case to some conclusion…finally

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