Interesting Questions From My Readers

in the knowNot a day goes by without me finding dozens of interesting questions from readers who want to know this, and they want to know that, and whatever. I try to research and address as many issues/conditions/questions as I can.  I’m not complaining- I actually love it- it keeps me in the know.

yes no % probabilityPendulum dowsing charts for kids– You can use the same charts for kids and adults alike, after all kids are subject to the same diseases, emotions, entity attachments and the like, as adults. Kids have chakras, can be balanced and can be cleared, just like adults.

blkta-rHow to purify black tar heroin- Now why would you want to do that? If you are trying to make a tautopathic remedy for reducing heroin withdrawals, I will give you the method, and in the name of harm reduction, pure is safer than unfiltered, so

saltAntidote Lachesis– This is not the first time someone has asked for the antidote to Lachesis, though for what purpose, I do not know. The antidotes to Lachasis are: Arsenicum, Mercurius, heat, alcohol, or salt.

little-bookHeroin chipper stories- If you are looking for entertainment, I do not have any such stories, but if you are looking for solid ways to use heroin as safely as possible, and with the smallest damage report as could be had, here are some tips to keep you alive, employed, and out of jail, if you choose to use, although I personally don’t know any chippers who successfully live the life.

almondsNuts and memory loss- Pistachios, almonds, and walnuts are known to strengthen the memory and restore memory loss. Here are other foods, herbs and supplements, and ideas concerning memory loss that may help you

Jani and Bodhi schizophrenia- If you were to ask me if they both are, my answer is ‘yes.’                                       jni

Jani Schofield Munchausen-  Again you ask? and again I say ‘no.’

Bodhi Schofield faking- Are you kidding?  no

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