Natural Remedies For Many Issues

Well, first of all, I read, I cross reference, and I also have compiled an extensive library in my head, from what I have learned over the years, and I also collect information from my observations and experiments. Your questions encourage me to dig deeper. Here are more of your recent questions, with the answers a la Madeleine…

hyhydrangea dissolve my kidney stones– It will indeed. I just took some as a prophylactic today. It has been a year since I had a dreaded kidney stone attack and I don’t ever plan to have another! If you are prone to them, read this

stutteroil pulling and stammering– Hmmmmm, probably not. Oil pulling is for just that- pulling. It will pull toxins from the body, but it will not pull stammering. Stammering is often psychological caused by parents harshly criticizing. Homeopathy and/or Bach Flowers seems much more appropriate here, and perhaps counseling for the parents.

chestnut budrepeated mistakes homeopathic remedy– For someone who makes repeated mistakes, I would try the Bach Flower remedy called Chestnut Bud. The shoe fits!

pendulumscan dowsing heal vaccine damage– You can dowse for the remedy that will best heal the vaccine damage, or what chart etc, will help cure the damage. You can also use your pendulum to balance the vaccine damage. May I suggest Sai Sanjeevini patterns to antidote vaccine damage. Here is lots more unhappy news about the damage vaccinating can bring

comahomeopathy coma– I am certain we woke a young friend from a coma, by transmitting 10m arnica, and Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns for coma and such.

compass1north orientation– One of the things I often forget to put on my list of healing supplies needed, is a compass.   We dowse facing the north, and we place all healing patterns facing north. In a crunch or catastrophe, you can make a compass, as follows;

Option 1 – You can take a magnet and touch the south pole of the magnet to the point of your needle and touch the north pole of the magnet to the eye of the needle. You can also do this with a bit of wire. Float it in a puddle of water on a leaf and you have yourself a compass

Option 2 – Chances are you are not going to have a magnet out in the wilderness, so instead use a compasss2little bit of silk or wool from your clothing to magnetize the needle. Rub the needle from eye to point around 100 times and the needle will now be magnetized. Now float the needle on a leaf or piece of paper.

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