Completely Natural MRSA Protocol

questI always get numerous questions about MRSA.  Because drug addicts are often in and out of jails, hospitals, and other institutional settings, they are prone to pick up the virus, and MRSA might just turn out to be another issue an addict deals with.  Addicts have often lost their money, family backing, and other support, and need folks like me to step up with some solutions, so here goes…

MRSA stands for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and is a infection that no one wants to get, as the infection may be bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic and is a bacterium that’s resistant to treatment with commonly used antibiotics. It can often be fatal for human beings. One reason it spreads is because it takes 10 days to incubate meaning an infected person can go around unknowingly spreading it. In hospitals and health care centers where most patients are far more vulnerable to any infection, MRSA infection is spread even more rapidly, as almost seven percent of hospital staff carries MRSA infection. (Article Source: Unfortunately, MRSA can also lead to much more serious infections, including infections of the bloodstream (bacteremia and sepsis), bone infections, and pneumonia.

MRSA symptoms typically include an area on the skin that comes up quickly MRSAand is red, swollen, painful, draining or is full of pus and not getting better with typical antibiotic treatments for routine skin infections. Another classic sign of an MRSA infection is that people will describe the area as looking like a spider bite. In fact, many people mistake MRSA infections for spider bites.

Here is my protocol for dealing with MRSA;

hospital4Stay out of hospitals, jails, and gyms– because that is where you will often find the dreaded MRSA



oregano oil and tea tree oil– oregano oil can be taken orally (in juice) or mix with tea tree oil for a topical application. A team at the University of the West of England in Bristol, working with partners in India, found that tiny quantities of carvacrol, a naturally occurring compound in oregano, is a more effective antimicrobial agent than 18 pharmaceutical drugs it was compared against.

tumeric is also well liked by numerous MRSA patients- another topical application.

acai berry and aloe juice– 2oz acai berry and 1 oz aloe juice mixed together taken twice daily.

garlicgarlic (known as Russian penicillin) can be made into a cream and applied on the wounds- or cook with it to your heart’s content.

tissue salts– we use Dr Schussler’s 12 tissue salts for just about every health issue, and that goes for the MRSA virus, too.

colloidal silver– there are many remarkable testimonials about colloidal silver with the bottom line being, it kills the MRSA virus.

make a paste of the Manuka Honey tea tree and oregano oil and dress the boils.  The honey is  thought to kill the virus upon contact.

peroxide the wound- then soak in Epsom salts (if the wound is somewhere you can soak it). This greatly helps with pulling the infection out.

mega doses of vitiman C– another natural enhancement to any health program.

goldensealgoldenseal- a natural antibiotic. Follow directions on the bottle- it is very very strong.




avoid antibacterial soaps– cause it kills the good bacteria, too.

consult a homeopathic Doctor even if you dowse, it is always a good idea to have a master homeopathic doctor you trust, in the wings, regardless of your dowsing or healing skills. The correct remedy, or course of remedies, can cure, from the most basic to the more exotic of conditions.

Traditional doctors will tell you that you need a dose of Penicillin. Ah, I wouldn’t if I were you. If you don’t know where to start you could begin by dowsing for the modality that will help you the most, using a list which you can write on to a blank dowsing chart. Then dowse for the best remedy for you, within that modality. Time will tell what your body is responding to. I haven’t even touched on Ruggerio’s energy charts, or Paper Doctor or Sai Sanjeevini patterns, but this is more metaphysical and may be too far out for some of you to entertain using (as may the dowsing be). I wish you all the best in dealing with MRSA. Comments/feedback welcome!!!feedback2


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  1. Michelle
    Oct 11, 2014 @ 02:31:06

    I visit your site quite often as I am very interested in alternative ways of healing. I hadn’t seen this article on MRSA, but it is very informative. I use oregano tincture topically (with great success) for any cut, irritation, or whatever may cause an infection. I had a sore like the one above and I thought it was a spider bite, too. Faithful use of the oregano tincture cleared it up in about 3-4 days. However, I still have a scar the size of a pencil eraser above my ankle. Now, I have a few extra things I’ll be trying as needed. Best wishes to you and your family.

    • The Pendulist
      Oct 11, 2014 @ 03:22:35

      Thank you for the good wishes. Best of luck to you and your family, as well.