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schoolIt is unbelievable and shameful what the educational unsaeschoof lssystem has come to here in the U.S. The public schools are unsafe and the quality of education poor. Security in the schools is questionable-guards being known to use pepper spray on  kids for talking back. Now private schools and charter schools are spending precious educational dollars for advertising. Sadly the achievement bar has been lowered (a working mother of 4 can get a Ph. D. on-line, in her ‘spare time’?, sure).  Get your on-line PH D while they last! And finally, many of the most important subjects needed in life are just not taught, such as kindness, dowsing, and urban survival.
hhoomee schoolIf my daughter was young today I would be home schooling her, probably teaming up with 1 or more other parents and their children which would widen our skill base, provided in the safety and privacy of our homes. A language teacher would come to our home school twice a week, and we would all study the language- parents too. Music, art, and sports would be done out in the community, as one needs a group for gardeningorchestras, soccer teams, and theater arts groups, and groups are necessary for socialization as well as enjoyment. Parents might also participate.
Field trips to museums and events would be interwoven into the program. Spiritual enlightenment and of course, the use of the pendulum and energy patterns would be an important part of the program, and we would always have a gardening project going.

momndda a auughterI think I prepared my daughter for life in many ways, and for the world, although differently than I would do today. I am grateful she accepts me and accepts my ways, my healing ways.



Would I be a good educator? You let me know if you like my home school curriculum;

  • Morning meditation or prayer
  • City nature walk (dogs can come too)
  • Dowsing and radionics
  • Literature/language/computer skills
  • Dhama (right conduct)
  • Urban farming  and green living
  • Astrology
  • History of… (anything and everything)
  • Educational games
  • Healing arts (study systems;  Sai Sanjeevini, Paper Doctor, homeopathy, and potentizing)
  • Kabbalah
  • Creative enrichment (art, music, theater arts)
  • Reading (free reading or studying)
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Activity (dance, gymnastics, sports)


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