Dowsing Is Not For Everyone

pendulum1Dowsing is not for everyone, neither is potentizing, or broadcasting for that matter. Had I not known these things existed, I would have been very content consulting my books, and one or more professional homeopathic practitioners, to manage my healthcare. But one day a situation arose- Alison desperately needed a remedy for some very serious abscesses that we thought might be botulism , and because she was entering rehab at the time, I knew there was no chance of her getting anything less that antibiotics, so we were coached by a gifted friend (who gifted us with this new knowledge) as we obtained our first decagon, and potentized and broadcast our first remedy. It obviously worked because Alison is alive and well, and by the way, took NO antibiotics during that time, and her abscesses healed just fine, and I would like to think we had something to do with it!

rubric1A conventional rubrics for choosing a homeopathic remedy is very respect worthy, and a trusted method to prescribe a homeopathic remedy. I know several very competent classically trained homeopaths who I can call upon when a case becomes too much and we cannot ‘close’ it successfully, or in a case such as mine, which is chronic and no doctor of any persuasion has been able to diagnosis or fix my sore feet, frozen shoulders, nagging dr sitch on my back, glaucoma, etc. I am currently working with Dr. Sahni from India, who I am hoping can finally put my aliments to rest. I have chosen not to potentize the remedies that Dr. Sahni is prescribing, so that there can be no question about weather or not the remedy was authentically potentized or not, and if my case does not move (as it has not for the past 4 weeks) I do not want a faultily made remedy to be a consideration.

I am currently on Rhus tox 30c three times a day for two weeks, and Colocynthis 30c three times a day for two weeks. Both are what I consider to be common remedies, and both were contained in one of the many homeopathic kits I have. I have kits for 30c, 200c, and 1m strength remedies. I also have a stand up plastic container that has about 15 drawers that I have labeled alphabetically, which store the remainder of what I have that was not from a kit.

I also must mention this; For any of you who are experimenting with paper doctor patterns, remember to keep the magnets away from your homeopathic remedies.

For the best possible health I suggest a combination being your own best doctor by learning and studying and becoming empowered, and teaming up with professionals- the right professionals. An ideal support team would be professionals in homeopathy chiropractics, and reflexology, for starters. I live in Hollywood where Thaitown meets Little Armenia, and not only do we have the best food, but also there is a reflexology shop on almost every corner.  I suggest clicking on the photo below to enlarge and see the photo come to life!reflexology

Keep your healing closet and medicine cabinet stocked with natural healing items, as well as kits, patterns, potentizing supplies and everything else I have listed here Have fun setting up and preparing your home healing center, and if you should get a cold or flu, sprain your ankle, or have a migraine, you will be happy that you did.

horsshoe3e   Good luck, and good health.goodhealth

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