Homeopathy And Sai Sanjeevini In The Shelters

shelterI’m talking about the animal shelters. The homeopathic remedy Aconite plays a key role in reducing shock and stress, and should be routinely dispensed to anxious animal arrivals, who are probably overwhelmed to say the least. Homeopathic remedies provide deep, gentle reminders to stimulate an animal’s natural ability to heal. Of course there are countless remedies for every manor of doggie or kitty ailment or injury, which deliver fast, cheap, effective, and most of all, non intrusive healing solutions. Homeopathy can handle ear infections, cough, anxiety, digestive problems, parasites, wounds, and many many more things. It does not necessarily take a vet to diagnosis and prescribe homeopathy. Any handler at the pound knows when a dog is stressed, having bathroom issues, or is flapping his head with ear mites!

horseanditen  ktI suggest every rescue center, pound, and shelter keep a homeopathic pet remedy kit on hand for use at the facility, and also to be used during the transporting of any animal. Homeopathy is for animals big and small, from a horse to a kitten, and I have used it for years on my own pets, and once on a wild bird.



pen2Not sure what remedy to use, or what is really wrong? You can dowse for the ailment or condition and further dowse for the best remedy to give your pet or rescue animal. If you do not dowse and do not know what to do, you can always consult with the vet for a diagnosis, and then prescribe homeopathically. All kits give you the keyword symptoms each remedy covers, such as, sprain, cough, pain, etc. And of course there are many vets who themselves are using homeopathy.  Luckily we use the same remedies for animal or person, for instance, Arcenicum could help a sour stomach for either dog or human. So if you know anything at all about homeopathic remedies, you have a jump on it.

sai beakLastly, Sai Sanjeevini offers patterns for animals, such as fleas and ticks, and beak and feather disease, which can be made up and put into the animal water supply, and it will act as a prophylactic. You can easily charge up their drinking water- absolutely free.

Although I do not recommend vaccinations and feel I have lost several animals due to vaccine induced disease or tumors, if you must vaccinate, be sure to give your animals a dose of Thuja right after.  There is also a Sai Sanjeevini pattern called vaccine antidote which can be used for human or animal.

For those of you employed in the shelters or doing rescue and adoption work, it is time to become empowered and expand your talents even further. If you need something, or if there is anything I can do to help, just ask


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