A Great Parenting Tool- The Pendulum

pendulumsAlthough I consider myself a dabbler and a novice, I do take my metaphysicaltrue journey very seriously and try to respect universal law at all times. Kabbalah (the templete of life) teaches us that there is no good and bad, only true and false, so now, let’s get down to truth. When my pendulum swings from center to forward, it is telling me “yes”. When my pendulum swings from center to left, that means “no”. Ask before dowsing. Who are you asking? Your higher self.

There are many reasons why dowsing might not be a good idea on a given day;

• I’m angry–  never a good time to dowse and you’ll probably get the wrong answer
• The weather is not conducive–  stormy weather may disrupt magnetic equilibrium
• Pendulum says no–  if your pendulum says don’t dowse, respect that and ask if you can dowse later or tomorrow

My gut feelings are often correct, but I still will run it by my pendulum for confirmation. I try to stay away from frivolous questions and subjects, and before I dowse, I consider why I am doing it, and if it is just for idle curiosity, I usually pass. If the information will ultimately benefit someone’s health or well being, then I go forward. I wish I had my pendulum while raising Alison- my dowsing questions would go something like this;

  • Did Alison go to school today- no
  • Did Alison cut school and go to the mall- no
  • Did Alison cut school and go to boyfriend’s house- yes
  • Did Alison cheat on her science test- no
  • Does Alison smoke cigarettes- no

Wow…what an excellent parenting tool.

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