Headlines That Will Shock You

Today I will give you some shocking headlines, and my suggested action…

monsanto2Obama Appoints Monsanto’s VP as Senior Advisor to the Commissioner FDA.  What? For years, there’s been an open revolving door in Washington – sending workers from the Federal government to Monsanto and Monsanto back to the Federal government. This has a tendency to make people question the fairness and objectivity of the folks who are supposed to be overseeing the giant agricultural corporation. Monsanto, creator of Agent Orange and Roundup, got approval for use of its artificial bovine growth hormone in milk, and genetically modified crops such as corn and alfalfa. And it goes on… Roger Beachy, former director of the Monsanto-funded Danforth Plant Science Center, is now Obama’s director of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture – responsible for a $500 million research budget.  Now more than ever we must know the origin of our food and keep GMO’s out of our mouths.  Always balance your food before eating it., via pendulum.

san anofreCalifornia Edison knew! A secret report released today confirms that Southern California Edison knew about serious problems with new equipment at the San Onofre nuclear plant years before that defective equipment was installed. why am I not surprised? Despite this knowledge, Edison moved forward with reactor modifications, putting millions of Southern Californians at risk of radiation exposure and ultimately causing the now year-long shutdown of the reactors. The report was released today by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Folks, get out your Sai Sanjeevini pattern to neutralize radiation- I keep one taped to my computer and also to my dresser in the bedroom, as well as one folded in my wallet.

kraftYou probably know Kraft Macaroni and Cheese — the easy-to-make dinner in the blue box. It’s not exactly the healthiest food in the world, but for many families, it’s a cheap and quick option for a hot meal. There’s a reason that Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is bright orange when it’s ready to eat. Kraft uses chemical colorings that serve no purpose for flavoring or nutrition. Those chemicals — known as Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 — have been linked by experts to serious health issues like asthma, skin rashes, migraines, and hyperactivity in children. Cooking from scratch is the best alternative, and knowing your food sources will help to eliminate such issues considerably.

bankersRich bank- poor people.  Some of the nation’s largest banks are looking to make obscene profits by exploiting some of the country’s poorest people.  Banks like Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, Fifth Third Bank and Regions Bank have started marketing payday loans to their customers. These short-term, high-cost loans are blatantly predatory. The fees charged for making these loans are equivalent on average to more than a 300% annualized interest rate. And while payday lenders like to pretend it’s a solution to a short-term cash crunch, the fact is that they make their money when loan recipients pay off one loan by taking out another payday loan, thereby falling into a cycle of debt that’s hard to escape.  I have seen some of my co-workers in the lobby of Wells Fargo bank which is downstairs from my office, and I cut through everyday on my way home.  It crossed my mind- what were they doing there at the bank… I  hardly thought they were checking into CD rates or home loans- most of us rent anymore and live too modestly to invest. Now I get it- payday loans…when the rich rob the poor, it’s called business.  Live within your means.  Downsize, but do not borrow.

prisonThe Horrible GEO Group. The private prison company the GEO Group has been found to run some of the most disgusting prisons in America. One judge called a GEO prison a “cesspool of unconstitutional and inhuman acts and conditions” — places where children were placed in solitary confinement, guards sexually assaulted inmates, and prisoners regularly attempted suicide. Private prisons are hugely problematic, because they run prisons based on profits, not what’s best for prisoners or for society. For example, an NPR investigation in 2011 found that GEO Group prisons have far fewer guards than government-run prisons. Prisoners have even died waiting for medical attention. In fact, the GEO Group’s prisons are so bad that the state of Mississippi kicked them out of the state entirely, as did Australia in 2003.   Social injustice may be met with broadcasting Sai Sanjeevini combinations  such as to include greed, negative emotions, Divine values, Sarva Shakthi Shanthi, and vaccine antidote- patterns to help criminals and jailers alike.

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