Astrology And Numerology As Assessment Tools

astroA friend of ours who is a substance abuse counselor has shared with us that he has been using astrology and numerology as an assessment tool, and with much accuracy I must add. He also was kind enough to do my astrological chart as well as many different types of numerology readings for our family that were so spot on it made my hair stand up! I am becoming conscious of both astrology and numerology, and learning to apply some of the things our friend taught us. Let me give you an example of using the time of a call and astrology to be able to predict some of the content of the call;

clock2Last night my daughter called at 8:02 pm. First she updated me on the status of her legal issues, then spoke about making good choices, and closed by saying “I will never loose another thing for heroin, and especially not my family.”

The time of the call represents the astrological houses- the 8th house, then 0 (which represents free will), and the 2nd house. The 8th house has to do with legal matters, and the 2nd house has to do with personal resources. The time she called already gave me a snapshot into the conversation that lie ahead. For more information on this numerological system go to

numerologyNow, back to this all as an assessment tool… Everything in life resolves to a number which then can be resolved to a single digit number from 1-9, if not a single digit already. Each number has a different quality. Each client’s name and birthday can also be resolved to a single digit number. So does every name of every drug resolve to a number. Our counselor friend has found that often the client’s name will resolve to the same number as their DOC does. Numerology and astrology gives us clues to traits and tenancies, and maybe even some specific information about a person’s past, such as “may have had a alcoholic mother” or “may have had a secret marriage”. Our friend has his clients pick a number between 1 and 720, reduces it to a single digit (if it is not already), and tells the client about the traits of that number, which invariably match up to the client. It is a fun exercise for the client, revealing for both, and an ice breaker and bonding session that solidifies their therapeutic alliance.handshake

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