Avoid Gall Bladder Surgery



A family friend was recently rushed to the hospital with a painful gall bladder attack of some sort. It turns out she has polyps.

I did some research and came up with numerous things a person can do to maintain good gall bladder health, and possibly avoid surgery.

  • Liver flush- you can buy an over-the-counter 7 day formula that flushes the the liver, colon, and kidneys as well as any parasites. Or there is a home made flush with an apple juice base on this excellent site where I found many of these tips http://www.drgangemi.com/2012/08/gallbladder-health-prevention-treatment/ Remember, the liver and gall bladder are connected- the gall bladder stores bile for the liver, soooooo the flush is a must. I have heard some say it clears away the polyps. At the least you will have a good body cleanse and loose a few pounds!
  • Lemons and beets are great foods for your liver and gallbladder. Sip lemon juice mixed with water for acute attacks, until you are feeling better, and try ginger root or even ginger ale for the nausea that accompanies gall bladder attacks.beets lemons





  • Avoid NSAIDS – and other anti-inflammatories, Aspartame (Nutrasweet) and MSG, and birth control pills- all can take their toll on the liver and gallbladder.  Also avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks.
  • The homeopathic remedies Chelidonium and Lycopodium are called for, each cost about $8, and can reduce/remove polyps and avoid surgery. (per ABC Homeopathy forums- very reliable source). Consult a professional homeopath about this, or dowse, or consult the forums for doses and duration.

dr suggesting surgeryDon’t get medically hexed.  If a doctor says you need surgery, first try these things which are less intrusive, have no side effects, and are cheap and self administering.  Then dowse to see the percentage of probability that your doctor is correct about you needing surgery. You might be surprised!surprised













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