Some Things We Potentize

mix it upWe like to mix it up around here. Some things we potentize and some things we buy. Sometimes we dowse and decide, and sometimes we consult.

Since none, absolutely none of the health maintenance, diagnostic, nor treatments or natural prescriptions we use are covered by health insurance, it does us no good to have it, so we do not. The several hundred dollars a month it costs to buy insurance for our family of 2, is much better spent on healing supplies, supplements, and the particular type of professionals we seek.Reflexologists, chiropractors, and homeopaths are the professionals that attend us, and only the chiropractor would be covered- still only partially.

I am currently taking a women’s formula body cleanse, much needed- long over due. It has literally dozens of herbs and things to clean you out, all the while adding Dong Quai and probiotics. Some things are best bought. Another thing I take is Biosil, which is a silicon supplement I take daily that helps my feet. Again, this is something I buy.

When it comes to a remedy, it is good to dowse for the best delivery- shall I potentize or shall I buy it- live dose, transmit, or perhaps listening to a tone. I always keep several kits on hand and have a plastic sorter bin full of single remedies. I also keep all the supplies on hand to potentize at any time:

  • decagon
  • white paper and black pen                 dec
  • salt
  • water
  • crystal glass

For complete instructions on how to potentize, go to

a very interesting story about dowsing for a remedy for a child who wet her bed, and the mom who successfully potentized her remedy.

I keep the rates to all the remedies at all times, for transmitting, and also have digital software for broadcasting intentions and listening to all manor of tones including Bach flowers and homeopathic.

We are prepared but never rely on any one thing, but Him.          Him





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