Rebel Rehab

popYou know what I think about pop psychology- not much. I aabcthink even less of psychiatric drug prescribing doctors who won’t think outside the box, and who over prescribe and under deliver.

Every time I read another homeopathy success story, my hear breaks when I think about the millions out there separated from this cure, and suffering with addiction, possibly combined with emotional or mental problems- all great candidates for homeopathy. Everything from addictions, to sexual disorders, to schizophrenia can be dealt with homeopathically. Homeopathy does not kill germs or suppress symptoms-it stimulates your own immune system to heal itself. A homeopathic doctor (some specialize in psychology) conducts an interview, selects the correct, most ‘similar’ remedy to match the emotional climate and symptoms, when the client takes the remedy, their body self corrects, and less cognitive work is needed.

In a perfect world, this would be our rebel rehab;

  • we practice harm reduction
  • we never cross addict
  • astrology and numerology are our assessment tools
  • all therapist are trained homeopaths and prescribe accordingly
  • other professionals on the team include practitioners in yoga and reflexology
  • gratitude sharing will be a weekly event- focusing on the gifts of life helps one to gain a sense of well being       blessing

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