Grape Diet For Alcoholics

alcoholismLets take some time to address one of the original addictions, alcoholism. It is not to be taken lightly.  The detox is more dangerous than heroin, and alcoholism can be fatal.


Here are some natural, remedies for alcoholism, you won’t believe!! and so many;

  • An exclusive diet of grapes for a month.                                   grapes
  • Eat large quantities of apples to remove intoxication from body.
  • Rub 4-5 dates in a half glass of water and drink the stuff twice a day.
  •  Alfalfa and lemon balm are suggested herbs for support, as are milk thistle, kudzu, and dandelion root.

Now, for the homeopathic choices that cover alcoholics- pick the remedy that best matches the symptoms or situation;

  • Nux vomica- burning body, irritable, does not want to be touched.
  • Hyoscyamus- when tremens first appear.
  • Cannabis Indica- a very reliable remedy for acute alcoholism covering delusions.
  • Opium- for ‘old sinners’ who have had DT’s over and over again. They see ghosts and visions of animals.

There are Sai Sanjeevini patterns for addiction and paper doctor patterns, too, and let us not forget Bach flower remedies.

We have a myriad of possible therapies, so how do you know where to start and what will work best? You can always dowse for the best modality to cure your alcoholism (or whoever you may be dowsing blank-dowingfor). Take a blank dowsing chart and fill it in with all the possible modalites you might use to cure a condition. Here are some of the categories we use; homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, Sai Sanjeevini, paper doctor, herbs, chakra balancing, allopathic, tautopathic, sound therapy, acupuncture, and more. For a detailed explanation, see Customize Your Dowsing Charts at

Now let us say you have dowsed and determined that homeopathy and Bach flower remedies are the best for you. You can dowse further to find your remedy, and yet again to determine what delivery is better- live dose, broadcast, or tone, or if you should  potentize or purchase the remedy.


What, you don’t dowse? No worries. I don’t want you too far out of your comfort zone. You can use whatever rubric, or process of elimination, or whatever combination of modalities/remedies you desire, as all of these natural things go hand and hand together and compliment each other. 

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