The Water Vortex

Did you ever notice that just one good rain can bring up a greener richer grass better than a month of watering with the sprinklers? That is because water is revitalized up there in the clouds somehow (I’m not very good at scientific explanations). Yes, somehow the water is re-charged in nature, putting the ‘life’ back into it.

What’s so important about water?

  • It’s essential to body temperature regulation. Perspiration cools us down.
  • It flushes toxins and wastes out of our bodies and delivers nutrients and oxygen to and from our cells.
  • Water hydrates the eyes,nose, and stomach, and is a major component of saliva and mucous.
  • While cushioning joints it protects tissues and organs like the brain from shock and damage.
  • Water helps maintain a healthy weight. It is hard to distinguish between hunger and thirst. If you feel hungry, drink some water first and then reassess your hunger status. You might be surprised.

vortex1My new health routine includes running all of our drinking water through a water vortex. I had read accounts from others about new found extra energy, and also read about an experiment where sprouts grew 3 times larger, when grown with votexed water. But I drink it because it has been re-magnetized and I know it is acting as a draw when I drink it- pulling toxins, stones, and crap out of my body.

cell saltsWe also add the 12 tissue salts, which further enhance the water, working on the cellular level. Tissue salts, or cell salts, are homeopathic preparations of the minerals that are the building blocks of our bodies.You can buy all 12 individually to target certain issues, or they make a product called Bioplasma, which is combination of all 12. Your body uses what it needs and eliminates the rest.

It is said that a glass of water in the morning when you wake up, and another before bed, will avert heart attack and stroke. It is 7 a.m. and I just had mine!

  Here’s to your good health.

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